Why make molds like this?

At present, many equipment need a mold. Without a mold, it will be very troublesome and can not achieve the desired effect. There are more and more mold manufacturers. Each personnel will have their own shortcomings and shortcomings in the design process. The methods summarized by technicians with 20 years of experience are as follows:

1、 Accept the assignment

The task list of plastic molded parts is usually proposed by the part designer, as follows:

1. Some approved drawings shall be marked with plastic brand, transparent, etc.

2. Specifications or technical requirements of plastic parts.

3. Production output.

4. Samples of plastic parts.

2、 Collection, analysis and digestion of raw data

Collect and sort out relevant part design, forming process, forming equipment, machining and special processing data used in mold design.

1. Digest the drawings of plastic parts, understand the use of parts, and analyze the technical requirements and dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. For example, what are the requirements of plastic parts in terms of appearance, color, transparency, performance, geometry, slope, insertion, etc. The allowable degree of forming weld mark, shrinkage cavity, coating, electroplating and other defects. Post treatment such as bonding and drilling. The dimensions of plastic parts with high dimensional accuracy are selected for analysis to see whether the estimated molding tolerance is lower than that of plastic parts and whether the required plastic parts can be formed. In addition, we should also understand the plastic and molding process parameters.

2. Whether the specification, material type, analysis process, etc. of the equipment in the process of digestion can be put forward. The molding material shall meet the molding conditions, applicability, elasticity, toughness and transparent effect. It shall also meet the basic requirements of material dyeing, metal conditions, decorative performance and welding performance.

3. Determine the forming method

Direct pressing method, casting method or injection molding method shall be adopted.

4. Select molding equipment

We need to operate with samples, so we must understand the performance, operation methods and use skills of various equipment.

In order to estimate the overall size of the mold, judge whether the mold can be installed and used on the selected injection molding machine.

5. Specific structural scheme

(1) Determine mold type

Such as die (open, semi closed, closed), casting mold, injection mold, etc.

(2) Determine the main structure of the mold type. Only under 100% reliable conditions can the mold operate to meet the requirements of manufacturing technology and production cost. Molding technology should ensure the geometric shape and smooth surface of parts, and the size can be accurate. The requirement of production cost is to reduce the production cost, improve the efficiency, work continuously and save some labor.

3、 There are many factors that affect the structure of the mold and the various systems of the mold. These factors are very complex:

1. Set the cavity. According to the geometric characteristics of plastic parts, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, mold manufacturing difficulties, mold cost, etc., determine the number and layout of cavities.

For injection molds, the accuracy of plastic parts is grade 3 and 3a, the weight is 5g, the hardening casting system is adopted, and the number of cavities is 4-6; General accuracy of plastic parts (grade 4-5), partial crystallization of molding materials, and the number of cavities can reach 16-20; The weight of plastic parts is 12-16g and the number of cavities is 8-12; The weight of plastic parts is 50-100g and the number of cavities is 4-8. For amorphous plastic parts, the recommended number of cavities is 24-48, 16-32 and 6-10. When the weight of plastic parts continues to increase, multi cavity molds are rarely used. For plastic parts with accuracy level 7-9, the maximum number of cavities is increased to 50% compared with the indication accuracy level 4-5.

2. Determines the split surface. The position of the split surface shall be conducive to the operation of the die, exhaust, demoulding and forming operation, surface quality of plastic parts, etc.

3. Determine the shape, position and size of gating system (main, auxiliary and valve) and exhaust system (exhaust method, exhaust slot position and size).

4. The treatment method of concave convex on one side and several common core pulling methods are established by using dispersion methods (ejector rod, pipe jacking, push plate and combination).

5. Select the cooling mode, heating mode, the condition and position of heating and cooling tank, and the installation conditions of heating elements.

6. Determine the width and state of the mold through the material and data of the model.



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