Will the mold industry be eliminated? Brief analysis of the present situation, existing problems and development prospects of the mold industry

In recent years, due to various reasons of the mold industry, the development of the mold industry is facing many difficulties. It is not as good as before, and the future development prospects are not very clear. In the end, many people have to leave the industry. New people have doubts. Is the mold industry declining? Will the mold industry be eliminated? Before discussing this issue, first analyze the position of the mold in the whole manufacturing industry, and naturally understand its prospects.
Current situation of mold industry
There are several factors leading to the current predicament of the mold industry.
First of all, the market environment. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the crisis has never left. In the first two years, because of the government’s $4 trillion, it was still improving, and in 2012, it was depressed again.
These factors cause the manufacturing industry to encounter difficulties. As one of the core industries of the manufacturing industry, the mold industry will naturally be directly impacted, with fewer orders and lower profits. For people engaged in the mold industry, it will directly affect their income.
This is an external objective factor. It is very difficult to change this factor in the short term, and it is basically impossible. It can be expected that things will improve gradually. It is very difficult to reach the sky in one step.
The development of everything is cyclical. The current trough is only temporary, and the overall trend of China’s economy will not change. The difficulties caused by this will certainly be gradually eliminated in a short period of time in the future. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about this factor. The economic downturn has affected not only the mold industry, but also the whole automobile industry. In the final analysis, the decline of the whole automobile industry has indirectly affected the mold industry. Many automobile manufacturers have urgently stopped and dismounted their models; Therefore, as the upstream industry of all industries, mold manufacturing industry has the most direct impact and the most obvious feeling.
Molds are called the mother of industry. It’s not nonsense, but any mass-produced products can’t be separated from molds.

Subjective factors in mold industry
The first is the mold factory. In recent years, attracted by the explosive profits in the mold industry earlier, many mold industry practitioners have started their own businesses after having accumulated certain technology, capital and contacts, and have become bosses from wage earners. As a result, large and small processing shops, mold factories, and consumable stores have sprung up one after another, and the number of mold companies has almost increased at a geometric multiple.
From the perspective of personal development, this is naturally a good thing. But from the perspective of the whole industry, the work done by one company has a high profit. Now three companies are competing. In order to get the order, the price war is inevitable. You 10, I 8, you 8, I 5. That is, in this kind of shopping, the mold industry has finally changed from a profiteering industry to a medium profit or even a low profit industry. In this vigorous battle, different companies embarked on different paths; There are also several areas where the molds are concentrated, and the competition is more obvious.
Some companies insist on quality and do not engage in price war. With the support of fixed customers and sufficient capital turnover, they gradually grow from small to large and finally become large companies. However, some companies lack these, and choose price war on the two roads of quality and price. In order to save costs, they have to compress the equipment and labor. As a result, a vicious circle is formed. The quality is getting worse and the unit price is getting lower and lower, and finally the door is closed. When a company closes down, it will often produce a chain reaction, which will lead to several companies not receiving payment, especially the larger ones.
During the relatively difficult period in recent years, a large number of small enterprises with weak viability have either expanded to the right track or closed down. Basically, those who can live to the present have their own ways, that is, the waves wash the sand and the fittest survive. Entrepreneurship is a good thing. The ease of starting a business in the mold industry is also a feature that attracts many people to join it. However, entrepreneurship is risky. The success of a company is often based on the failure of more companies. It is better to start a business after you have a certain foundation in capital, contacts and technology, especially after you have stable customers. It is often very difficult to set up a stall before looking for customers. If you are not careful, the capital chain will be broken.
These are the subjective factors within the mold industry. The industry itself expands too fast, and even if the economy is prosperous, the competition will be fierce. What’s more, it is unfortunate to encounter an economic downturn, and difficulties arise.
Let’s talk about the future development expectations:

Development expectation of mold industry
The first is the external environment, which has to be considered. Economic recovery is only a matter of time. There is nothing to worry about. After that, there will naturally be a series of measures to stimulate the economy. As long as China’s economy remains at about 8% per year, the manufacturing industry and the mold industry have nothing to worry about.
Then the internal environment. After the brutal competition in these extraordinary years and the closure of many poorly managed enterprises, the survivors naturally have their own way of survival. Either there are stable customers, strong business ability, or excellent quality. The wine pilgrims come from the company, and the company’s management personnel and technical force tend to be stable. Only in this way can the company pass through the running in period and enter the stable period. But also has a certain popularity.
Once the external environment of such a company improves and the business volume increases, the profit increase can be expected. Expand appropriately according to its own business volume. In terms of price, it will also be much better than the current bloody war period. After all, it is not the royal way to fight price war blindly, and such companies will not survive for a long time. After the elimination of some enterprises, the situation in which there are too many workers but not enough workers has changed, and there is no need to engage in a price war.
Problems in mold industry
In the past, China’s mold industry mainly processed low-grade to medium-grade molds. There are not many high-end molds, and they are basically exported. However, with the upgrading of China’s mold industry equipment and the maturity of the training of technical personnel, a large number of mold factories have the qualifications and strength to manufacture high-end molds. Moreover, with a large number of companies placing the assembly of high-end products at home, the demand for high-end molds is also increasing. Thus, the dependence on the foreign economic environment has been shaken off to a certain extent.
Then there are low-end molds. Due to the continuous rise of wages, energy, rent and other factors (as long as there is no economic crisis, these improvements will not stop), the future survival of companies that have been doing low-end molds will become increasingly difficult, and their meager profits will not be enough to cope with the rise of various expenses. Later, along with the production of low-end products, it will begin to shift to economically underdeveloped areas and areas with low labor costs. This is because low-end molds are originally manufactured to match the production of low-end products. As the core part of the product manufacturing chain, low-end products will naturally be transferred, which is certain.
The rise of China is unstoppable, and the transformation of the manufacturing industry is unstoppable. So is our mold industry.

Specific analysis of the development trend of future molds
1、 High accuracy
Whether the dimensional accuracy can be achieved is the most important factor for manufacturing high-precision, high-quality and high-tech products. Japan and Germany did the best in the past. With decades of continuous learning and innovation, a large number of companies specializing in high-precision mold manufacturing have emerged in China’s mold industry.
2、 High efficiency
That is, high automation. With the popularization of various automatic equipment (mainly manipulator) for mold production and the improvement of the intelligent degree of standard parts inside the mold, the efficiency of mold production is getting higher and higher, and will develop towards a higher and better state. In this process, the requirements for mold designers will be higher and higher. At that time, mold designers can not only understand the automation equipment, but also participate in the design.
3、 New mold
With the continuous progress of technological innovation, many molds that need to be achieved in a complicated and tortuous way can become very simple. There are also many structures that were thought to be impossible. These are new opportunities and challenges for the mold industry. Specifically, they are opportunities and challenges for mold designers. Mold factories that master these new mold design and manufacturing technologies will have more initiative. Mastering high-tech molds requires profound design and manufacturing details. The rich profits of these new molds will be a good return to the companies that have invested a lot of money in this regard, and these high-tech technologies will also become a good resource for the company to make a name for itself and a bargaining chip for better customers!
Mold is always an industry that depends on technology and quality!
4、 Product R & D and mold integration
This trend is also inevitable. This change is a change that can affect the manufacturing mode more than replacing the all-round mold master with the assembly line. In short, mold design will be integrated with product R & D into a new post, a new post that can be responsible for a series of work of the whole product from appearance to mechanism, to mold, to mold processing, mold production and product assembly. Become the absolute core of the manufacturing industry.
Looking forward to the development prospect of mold industry
The mold industry is still promising, because it is after all the two cores of the manufacturing industry. Especially when the two cores start to merge into one core in the future, another golden age is coming! Even though it is indeed a recession and difficult, I can not deny this industry! Especially in such a basic industry.
The so-called entering against the market is the most difficult time, the time when the most people exit, and the time when it is good to enter, because it is the low point in the cycle.
Forecast and analysis of industry prospect
1. The market demand was further expanded
At present, China has steadily promoted the transformation strategy of “replacing steel with plastic” and “replacing wood with plastic”. Mold enterprises have stepped up product innovation, the proportion of high-end mold products has gradually increased, and the supporting services have been continuously improved. Relevant personnel expect that the market of precision injection molds and injection parts will usher in new growth points, and the market demand will further expand.
2. Policies to promote industrial transformation and upgrading
In view of the current situation of mold development, China has issued a series of relevant policies and regulations to continuously guide the production standards of the mold industry and make the injection molding product market move towards high-end.
3. The demand for one-stop products and services continues to rise
The mold industry has a rich variety of products. If you want to promote it, you need to fully understand the needs of customers, understand their ideas, provide customized products while improving the level of R & D, transform from a simple processing and manufacturing industry to an integrated comprehensive service provider, and create a manufacturing chain of terminal application products integrating mold design, manufacturing and sales, Provide one-stop products and services to customers throughout the country and even the world.
4. New technology helps the high-quality development of the industry
At present, China’s mold manufacturing industry is constantly learning from foreign enterprises, introducing, absorbing and imitating advanced production technology, and gradually moving towards a manufacturing power.
The above is the relevant introduction of the development status and future prospects of China’s mold industry. From this, we can see that the mold industry will not be eliminated. For those who have just entered the mold industry, I would like to offer some suggestions:
1. Don’t negate the technology industry easily. The technology industry needs time to accumulate. Don’t make a comparison between the income of general workers and the posts in the technology industry just started. This is meaningless. The sooner you get a high salary, the better your job is. When a general worker starts to work, he will work more overtime than a skilled worker who has worked for several years. But what about the future?
2. Not all technical posts have a very good future. We must carefully analyze the future development. We should carefully consider which posts are destined to decline and be eliminated, which posts will become more and more important, which can be studied for a lifetime, and which will become more and more popular.
3. As for learning methods, some skills can only be learned after several times with the master. Some skills can be self-taught, such as reading books and practicing with computers. But for some technologies, the lack of systematic learning is not worth the loss.



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