Analysis on the origin and development of injection mold processing

Since modern times, all kinds of tools and products, ranging from screws to machinery, have filled people’s daily life, and these products are closely related to mold processing. Mold, as the name suggests, is a special tool used in various presses and installed on presses, and then metal or non-metal materials are made into parts or products of the required shape through pressure. Especially since the new century, plastic products, as a great invention, have been widely used by people and factories. Therefore, the injection mold processing industry came into being with the plastic industry, and has been continuously promoted and developed because of people’s high requirements for the lightweight, beauty and hand feel of plastic products. Injection mold is a kind of process equipment that replicates plastic products through specific shapes. It makes mass production of plastic products a reality. The shape of injection mold determines the shape of products. Similarly, the quality and precision of injection mold processing determine the quality and precision of products.

Injection mold processing originated in 1943, when the idea of producing injection mold came into being in Portugal A shareholder of a small glass mold factory in the city of grant. However, the configuration was not approved. The shareholder sold his shares, studied the processing and development of injection mold, and successfully manufactured the first injection mold two years later. Subsequently, other injection mold processing enterprises gradually appeared in the adjacent industrial zone. Later, with the continuous development and updating of relevant technologies, the processing technology of injection mold also continues to develop, and the processing methods and process products are adopted by various countries. Then, the continuous emergence of gas assisted injection molding molds, laminated injection molding molds, and two-color and multi-color injection molding molds marks that the processing of injection molds has entered a new era.
As injection mold processing has an important core position in plastic products, it has also become the “mother of industry”. With the continuous development of modern new material industry, people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is enhanced, and the injection mold processing industry is also changing. On this basis, various new injection molding technologies have been developed. It mainly includes large-scale injection molding, precision injection molding and thin-wall injection molding. These three injection molding forms have different requirements for molds due to their different injection molding processes. Among them, the large-scale injection mold is different from ordinary injection molding in the requirements of cavity strength, stiffness, cavity combination and mold exhaust. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high accuracy of mold temperature, complex structure, high cost and high cost. Precision injection mold processing has unique requirements in mold cavity accuracy, temperature, material, product demoulding, etc. Later, with the development trend of “light, thin, short and small” injection molding products, thin-wall injection molding was produced. It has the advantages of light product quality and material saving, so it is widely used in the fields of electronic communication, medical treatment and health care. In the actual industrial design and use, we must grasp its characteristics for rational application.
Although China’s injection mold processing has developed rapidly, there are still many problems, mainly including:

(1) Uneven mold supply;

(2) Lack of talents and less investment in science and technology;

(3) Low level of process assembly;

(4) Low degree of standardization and commercialization;

(5) Backward materials and related technologies, large industrial energy consumption, low output rate, serious environmental pollution and great damage to natural resources.
From the above, we can see that many design concepts and manufacturing processes of injection mold processing in China still need to refer to foreign experience. Therefore, we need to combine other advanced technologies on the basis of the current research level to further strengthen the innovation of injection mold processing in China and create more benefits.



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