Analysis of Pre-project of Plastic Mold

After fully understanding customer project requirements, it is necessary to fully understand and analyze the products. Confirm the feasibility of the project. So what do you need to know in detail? The main contents are as follows:


(1) Dimensional accuracy and correctness of related dimensions


Understand the specific requirements and functions of the product in the whole product. It includes dimension tolerance requirement, appearance requirement and assembly relationship of products.


(2) Reasonable demolding angle


The demolding angle is directly related to the demolding and quality of plastic products. The direction of demolding angle should be in accordance with the parting surface or the parting surface of the mold when the plastic products are molded. Otherwise, it will affect the appearance of the products and the accuracy of the wall thickness dimension, and even the strength of some parts of the plastic products.


Thickness and uniformity of product wall


The uneven wall thickness and excessive difference will affect the appearance quality and deformation after forming.


(4) Types of plastics


Different plastics have their own similarities and differences, such as shrinkage, steel requirements (steel hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance) and so on.


Surface roughness and dermatoglyphic requirements


For example, the requirements of surface roughness for transparent and opaque parts are different, and special attention should be paid to the effect of skin lines on the demolding of products.


The color of plastic products


If the wall thickness of the product is thicker, it is easy to produce uneven color when the product is larger.



Whether plastic products need post-processing after molding


Such as oil injection, silk printing, gilding, electroplating, sticker paper, sticker water, heat treatment, ultrasonic welding, electrothermal fusion welding, high cycle welding, Labnet and so on.


(5) Batch production


Customers must provide a range of monthly, annual and total batches of products in order to make the number of cavity and size.


Other Problems


The type, location and location of the product, ejection way and ejection position, the working environment of the product and so on in the same mold are also analyzed.



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