How is it caused that the injection mold is easy to be damaged in the molding stage

Injection mold refers to processing a mold in the form of injection molding, but if this process is not well grasped, it is easy to damage the material; And if the injection mold tools are used for a long time without careful maintenance, they are prone to damage, which will also cause losses to the company. What are the reasons for the damage?

So why is the injection mold damaged? We all know that when assembling the injection mold, there is not much force applied from the outside, but once installed in the injection molding machine, injection molding will be damaged by various external forces. Therefore, the injection mold must have sufficient strength to withstand various external forces.

Generally, the molten resin will flow to the gate and then complete the filling of the inner cavity, but there must be enough injection strength to make the material flow into the gate. The pressure will generally be maintained for about 1s, but it will still have a small impact on the mold.

In addition, the push rod of the injection mold can also push out shaped products under the action of the push plate. If the push and pull of the push rod is not smooth enough, the operator will usually exert greater force to complete the human action, which also requires that the push rod must also have a certain pressure bearing capacity.



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