How to prevent stripe defects in precision injection molding?

As we all know, the stripe defect in mold is a very serious matter, it will directly affect the accuracy of injection molding, and will also lead to product scrap, so we must pay attention to. So, how can we avoid this defect?

Proper design, careful processing, reasonable mold repair and timely nitriding are the key measures to prevent the occurrence of stripe defects in precision injection molding.

It should be processed in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawing, especially pay attention to improve the surface luminosity of the shunt hole and the shape of the die bridge is dripping, improve the solid metal flow state, reduce the heat of friction; For the injection mold extrusion producing tissue stripes, mold repairman should go to the site to understand the injection mold discharge, determine the correct mold repair program; Mold repairman personally observed the profile material instantaneous state is better than observing the profile material head to determine the effect of mold repair program is much better; The product is nitrated in time as required to ensure a reasonable flow state of solid metal.

Precision injection molding processing should have a proper design, reasonable layout of the tap hole, the reasonable work zone length, and the length of the transition change, drop shape mould bridge, the reasonable weld Angle, make the solder point fall in the weld chamber of the plane, in the protection of the mold core head stiffness, strength, deepen the depth of the weld chamber or enlarge the sectional area of welded room, need to adopt “sunken bridge”, is the basis of preventing stripe defect.

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