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Today we will tell you brief instruction of seven components in plastc injection mold manufacturing process.

According to the function of the basic structure of injection mold, it can be divided into seven components: forming parts, runner system, guiding mechanism, ejecting device, side parting and core pulling mechanism, temperature control system and exhaust system. The following paper we will introduce these components respectively.

Temperature control system

The function of the temperature control system of the injection mold is to adjust the mold temperature, which is composed of the cooling system or the heating system.

Exhaust system

The function of the exhaust system is to exclude the gas from the cavity, which is mainly composed of the exhaust tank and the clearance etc.

Forming parts

It refers to the parts that compose the mold cavity, which mainly includes: punch, die, core,curved lever, forming ring and the insert etc.

Runner system 

The runner system in the injection mold serves to convey the plastic melt coming from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the cavity. It is commonly composed ofmainflow path, branch flow path, gates and cold materials etc.

Guiding mechanism

Guiding mechanism is composed of guide pin, guide set or guide hole and conical surface etc. It mainly plays a role of positioning, guiding and bearing the lateral pressure and ensure the accuracy of settling or moving the molds.

Ejection device

It mainly plays a role of ejecting the product from the mold, and is composed of push rod, ejector plate, ejector retainer plate, reset rod and pulling rod.

Side parting and core pulling mechanism

According to the different power sources of lateral core pulling, the side parting and core pulling mechanisms of injection molds can be divided into three categories: Mobile lateral parting and core pulling mechanism, hydraulic side parting and core pulling mechanism, manual side parting and core pulling mechanism.


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