How to check and accept the injection mold

In order to ensure that the injection molding mold can meet the standard, it is necessary to consider the application regulations and design scheme, and ensure its service life. When it is normally completed and put into operation, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the mold specification from the aspects of product quality, mold structure and injection molding process regulations. On the other hand, the transformation of household appliances has also driven the in-depth development of household appliance plastic mold industry. At present, large and fine injection molding molds have received more and more attention from enterprises. It has no intention to put forward higher requirements and tests for the domestic plastic mold industry. So how to accept the injection mold?

1. The product surface is not allowed to have defects, lack of material, burning, whitening, peaking, foaming, cracking, baking and wrinkling.

2. Generally, the welding length of annular broken hole shall not exceed 5mm, and the welding length of special-shaped broken hole shall be less than 15mm. The compressive strength of welding can be tested according to the action safety factor.

3. The surface appearance shall not be folded. Generally, the flatness of small products is less than 0.3mm.

4. There shall be no air particles or material flowers in the appearance, and generally there shall be no bubbles on the mold surface.

5. The geometric figure and specification precision of the product shall comply with the provisions of the die drawing or three-dimensional document. The dimensional tolerance of shaft parts is negative, and the average wall thickness is generally specified for the product wall thickness. The non-uniform wall thickness shall meet the requirements specified in the engineering drawings.

6. There shall be no scratch on the surface of the cover and bottom shell. There are matching holes, shafts and surfaces, and the matching spacing and application regulations shall be ensured. The contents of the factory nameplate of the mold are complete. The factory nameplate shall also be attached to the bottom of the formwork and the formwork foot around the reference angle.

7. The cooling nozzle shall not extend beyond the surface of the mold embryo, and the injection molding mold must be produced and processed with a low head drill. The diameter of the head hole shall be 25mm, 30mm and 35mm respectively, the fillet of the pipe orifice shall be consistent, and there shall be signs of passage and entrance and exit.



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