Why do we choose injection moulds to produce products?

The sustained development of the plastic industry has also promoted the development of the injection mould industry, so why is the injection mould so popular? The following six points are enough for you to have a basic understanding of injection moulds.


1) High accuracy


As a highly precise processing method, plastic injection moulding process can be used to produce almost any kind of diversified plastic parts. Although there are some design limitations, the manufacturing of injection moulds ensures the high precision of the moulded products.


2) High efficiency


Plastic injection moulding is considered to be one of the most commonly used technologies in long-term production because its cycle time is very short. Although its production speed may depend on the complexity of the die structure, the cycle time is only about 15 to 30 seconds apart.


3) Save labor costs


Injection moulding equipment requires less labor, because they usually use automatic gating and full automatic tools to achieve streamlined operation and continuous production.


4) Environmental protection


Today, sustainability has attracted a lot of attention, so it is very important for product developers to choose a process that helps to protect the environment and eliminate waste. Injection moulding is not only an efficient process, but also very environmentally friendly. It only needs to use the required amount of plastic to produce the required products. Any tested or discarded parts can be recycled.


5) Flexibility


In addition, the injection mould manufacturing process is not only accurate, but also has great flexibility. This means that once we make moulds, we can easily change the material type and the color we produce.


6) lighter, cheaper


The density of plastic material is much lower than that of metal. Plastic injection moulding is a one-time moulding process without secondary processing. So it’s much cheaper than metal.


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