Classification of injection mold

All kinds of tools used in our daily production and life, from the body shell to the head screw, button and the shell of all kinds of household appliances, have an inseparable relationship with the mold. The shape of the mold determines the shape of these products. The processing accuracy and quality of the mould also affect the quality of the product. According to the different materials of the product, the mould can be divided into injection mould, forging mould, stamping mould, die casting mould and casting mould.

With the rapid development of plastic industry, the application field of plastic products is also expanding. And the injection mold is also gradually increasing with the wide application of plastic products. To help you better understand the benefits of each injection option, here is a quick breakdown:

Prototype aluminum mold

Aluminum is one of the materials used in prototyping. Prototype aluminum mold can provide higher output, better quality and higher reliability.

Multimode cavity mold

If you have thousands of products to produce every month, multi cavity mold is the ideal choice. Because of too many cavities, the output can be increased.

Laminated mold

In laminated injection molding, the molds are stacked on each other, and each mold layer can produce a product. This significantly increases the production of the product and can make more products faster. This is very useful for large products and can reduce delivery times.

Quick tool

Rapid tooling combines rapid prototyping plastic injection molding with standard mold procedures to produce prototypes and other molds at a faster rate. This reduces costs and allows for faster manufacturing.

Insert mold

Insert molds include different types of materials, such as metal and plastic. By combining these materials, the product is generally more durable. This is particularly useful in industries such as healthcare and electronics, where small parts require high reliability and design flexibility.

Gas assisted mold

Gas assisted mold is used to develop large plastic parts with more complex design. This option provides greater design flexibility in injection molding.

Hot runner mold

The molten plastic in the hot runner mold is injected into the mold cavity. The molds in these cavities can imitate the shape of the parts in production, so that each product can pass through the development process quickly. This reduces costs, shortens cycle time, and provides more design options.


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