How many suggestions did we mention for mold protection?

If there is no effective mold protection, the mold will be damaged. We gives you the following suggestions:

When disassembling the mold, avoid bumping and drenching, and move stably.

Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent.

Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mold and carry out anti rust treatment: carefully wipe out the moisture and sundries in the cavity, core, ejector and row position, and spray anti rust agent and grease on the plastic mold.

The maintenance of plastic molds is generally divided into daily maintenance and lower mold maintenance. The daily maintenance of molds generally includes the following aspects:

1. Regular derusting

2. Re lubricate regularly

3. Replace easily worn parts regularly

In other places that need attention, the mold removal and maintenance shall be carried out by professional maintenance personnel after the mold is removed, and the mold cavity and thimble of the mold shall be professionally tested and protected.




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