How to control injection molding time

In the process of injection molding, the time control system is very important, which will affect the quality of the whole finished product. If you want to do well in injection molding processing, in addition to skilled operation, you should also have the ability to control the processing time. Because if there is no time to control some research steps, we may find that there are many problems in the product information produced. So in what aspects should we control the time.

1、 Glue injection time

In the processing of injection molded products, injection molding can not only protect the products, but also make the products more shiny. However, it is not easy to master the injection timing, because it is difficult to control the injection timing. Not only the injection timing, but also a series of factors such as pressure, speed and temperature should be considered.

2、 Low voltage protection time

In this time, we should first set the time of environmental protection to two seconds, but according to the specific situation, add a delay of a few tenths of a second, so that we can develop the role of low-voltage system protection.

3、 Cooling time

The cooling time shall be determined according to the specific shape of the product, but the cooling time shall be greater than the sol time so that the product can be fully formed.

4、 Pressure holding time

In order to ensure that the size of injection molded products can meet the requirements, the pressure holding time is very important. While maintaining the pressure, allow the gate to cool before reversing the solution. This time can be determined according to the gate.



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