How to make high quality injection parts

Although in the plastic injection mold technology, to produce high gloss, high aesthetic requirements, not subject to the stress generated in the molding process, with high stability of parts, as well as reliable filling of thin-walled materials, are facing great challenges. However, hot / cold forming is being rapidly accepted in automotive interiors and many other consumer applications requiring high surface aesthetics. Let’s take a look at the production process plan of high-quality injection parts with high gloss;
Change of heating process: Traditionally, the melt of plastic injection molding enters the mold cavity and contacts the coldest surface of the mold cavity. This immediately produces a frozen surface. This rapid transformation slightly changed the molecular structure of materials, resulting in the loss of natural brightness of some materials. In addition, the material adjacent to the frozen layer cools rapidly and has a higher viscosity than the hotter core at the front of the molten material, resulting in various types of visible defects.

The principle of hot / cold forming technology is to increase the surface temperature of the injection mold cavity before the material enters the cavity, and then cool the cavity after filling the mold.

Prevent the material surface from freezing immediately during the filling process, so that the material maintains its natural brightness. In addition, during the whole filling process, the viscosity of melt flow is almost uniform, which avoids many common surface defects related to traditional plastic injection molding.



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