In which period is it better to customize the injection mold

When is it better to start customizing injection molds? What preparations should be made in advance? DJ Molding believes that we should try our best to do a good job in the preliminary work of product patent application at each product exhibition in the first three months.

In the highly competitive business environment, the protection of intellectual property rights has reached an inviolable level. Otherwise, no one will be willing to invest heavily in scientific research and innovative products, because to innovate products, we need to invest in molds, that is, customized injection molds. Before the customization of injection mold, the product scheme shall be well conceived, the product appearance design and functional structure shall be carried out according to the scheme idea, the 3d structure diagram file of the product shall be drawn, and a group of 3d samples shall be printed according to the 3d drawing file.

Generally speaking, it takes 45 to 60 days to complete a customized injection mold, which takes two months, and another month to realize product assembly and functional debugging.



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