What Is Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a mold used to form parts of thermoplastic products. Its forming features: after the plastic is heated to the flow state in the injection molding machine barrel, the closed mold is used to pass the viscous plastic in the barrel through the machine nozzle with high pressure element, and it is injected into the mold and enters the mold cavity through the pouring system and fills the mold cavity. The product is then molded by compression, cooling and solidification.

Plastic products manufactured by injection mold have the following advantages:


(1) Injection molding process can be automatically completed according to a certain program, which is easy to realize automation, and the efficiency of production is improved, which is suitable for mass production.


(2) Injection molding can be molded at one time, reducing the processing procedure of products.


(3) Plastic products with complex shapes can be produced.


(4) The mold is simple and the cost of finished product is low.


(5) The waste and waste materials after injection can be re heated for injection, thus saving materials.

(6)The operation is easy to master and does not require a higher level of technical operation.


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