Is the failure of tension structure of large injection mold a problem of mold design?

The failure of the tensioning structure of large injection mold is a very dangerous processing thing. When testing the mold, it is necessary to detect the possibility of such problems to avoid such problems during processing.

So, is this problem caused by mold design? The answer is yes!

In the design of injection mold, fixed distance tensioning mechanisms such as swing hook and buckle are generally used in fixed mold core pulling or some secondary demoulding molds. Because these mechanisms are set in pairs on both sides of the mold, their actions are required to be carried out synchronously, that is, closing the mold and buckle at the same time, and opening the mold to a certain position and decoupling at the same time.

If there is no synchronous movement, it will be damaged due to the inclination of the template of the drawn die. Try to use other stable structures for mold design.

When the core pulling force is relatively small, the method of spring pushing out the fixed mold can be adopted. When the core pulling force is relatively large, the structure of core sliding when the moving mold retreats, first completing the core pulling action, and then parting the mold can be adopted. On large injection molds, hydraulic cylinder core pulling can be adopted.

Well, here’s the problem of the failure of the tensioning structure of large injection mold. If you want to know more about relevant technical knowledge, please log in to the official website of Dj Mold immediately. There are detailed technical Encyclopedia for your reference! Looking forward to your visit!



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