Main Properties of Plastics

There are some properties of plastic as follows:

1. Most plastics are light, chemically stable and do not rust

2.Good impact resistance

3.Good transparency and wear resistance

4.Good insulation, low thermal conductivity

5.General formability, good coloring, low processing cost

6.Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate and easy combustion.

7.Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation

8.Most plastics have poor low temperature resistance, brittle at low temperature and easy to aging.

9.Some plastics are soluble in solvents

Plastics can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic, the former can not be remolded, the latter can be repeated production. Thermal plasticity of its physical elongation is large, generally in the 50 ~ 500. The force is not completely linear under different elongation.

Plastics are used in industry because of their different properties. With the development of technology, the modification of plastics has not been stopped. Hopefully, in the near future, plastics will be more widely used through modified plastics, even replacing materials such as iron and steel and not polluting the environment.


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