Most customers are concerned about the problem. What criteria are used to evaluate the injection molding price?

Everything is worth the price. In the current environment of liberalization of the economic market, the price of any material is only determined by the market, and no one or any unit has the final say to set it up. Take plastic injection molding as an example. Any manufacturer will follow the market rules to calculate, and everyone will be happy if they can maintain a little profit after deducting the basic cost. There will be no more huge profits.

“Injection molding start-up is not equal to making money”. If the control and management work in injection molding production is not in place, there will be low production efficiency, high defect rate, large number of machine positions, large material consumption, batch return, artificial damage to molds, dies, broken screw heads, delayed delivery, frequent machine and mold repair, high defect rate and many waste products, resulting in huge economic losses to the enterprise, The profits of the enterprise will be greatly reduced, and even there will be losses. What are the market rules for the general injection molding parts and injection molding prices?

The injection molding price of injection molded parts depends on the size of the mold. It depends on the size of the mold and the tonnage of injection machine to be used for production. For example, if 120 tonnage injection machine is used for production, 1200 yuan per day processing fee will be charged, 1600 yuan per day processing fee will be charged for 160 tonnage, 1800 yuan per day processing fee will be charged for 180 tonnage… And so on. In addition, the cost of materials plus losses, plus packaging and transportation expenses, plus 10% management expenses and 10% profit.


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