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How to Select Reliable Plastic Mould Factory

How to find a reliable plastic mould factory? In other words, finding a professional plastic mould manufacturer to provide reasonable and affordable prices has become a very distressing problem. Many people worry that the quality of the product does not meet their requirements or delivery is not on time. There are so many plastic mould manufacturers active on the Internet that they don’t know which ones are suitable.
Before choosing a reliable plastic mould processing plant, you should start with […]

What determines the injection molding price?

Injection molding price is one of the most concerned issue for customers who have injection molding requirement. Many customers ask under the premise that nothing is provided. What is the price of injection molding?
Such a problem, I believe that any injection molding factory is difficult to answer, then what is the basis for an injection mold factory based on the quote? And what’s the price of injection molding? Let’s take a look.
There are several aspects to determining the price […]

Dimensional instability of products in injection moulding

Instability of product dimension means that the dimension change of moulding parts exceeds tolerance limit. The reason may lie in injection moulding machine, injection moulds and injection moulding process.
(1) Injection Moulding Machine
The application of different types of injection moulding machines results in the difference of injection moulding conditions.
(2) Temperature fluctuation – check the faults of thermocouples or temperature controllers;
(3) Instability of screw speed – check hydraulic system;
(4) Unstable injection pressure – check whether there is a consistent buffer in […]

Aluminum Molds Or Steel Molds?

Conventional injection molding typically produces steel tools for millions of parts, however, manufacturing molds typically takes months and costs more. But what if production needs require less? This is the ideal place for aluminum molds.
Today, we will have an in-depth understanding of “aluminum molds” and “steel molds”.
Small batch production with aluminum mold
Mold production and parts in 15 days or less to complete mold manufacturing costs are low, from the current mold market: aluminum alloy market is relatively more stable than the […]

How to Improve the Competitive Advantage of Plastic Mould

How to improve the market competitive advantage of plastic moulds? It is necessary to start with the precision of plastic mould, the production cycle of plastic mould, the production cost of plastic mould and the service life of plastic mould.
(1) Main factors affecting mould accuracy
The main factors are the precision requirement of products, the means of mould processing, the level of mould fitter and the level of mould design.
(2) Major factors affecting the die-making cycle
The main factors are the degree of standardization, the […]

The impact of shrinkage on plastic processing

It is well known that in the plastic processing process, if various parameters are not well controlled, the plastic products are prone to shrinkage after being shaped, thereby affecting the precision of plastic processing. So, what are the adverse effects of shrinkage on plastic processing? Let’s take a look at it below:
1. Shrinkage after processing:
The shrinkage of plastics can be divided into two types: forming shrinkage and shrinkage after processing.
The shrinkage after processing is the shrinkage of the products […]

Precautions before plastic mould test

In JasonMould, after completing a new set of plastic moulds, test moulds are an indispensable part before mass injection moulding. The quality of the test results will directly affect the follow-up production of the factory. Therefore, in order to promote the large-scale production of plastic mould products, it is necessary to follow reasonable operation steps and record the technical parameters in the process of test.
Notices for plastic mould before test:
Whether the mould has been assembled or not. Secondly, attention should […]

What causes uneven color in injection molding

When we do injection molding, we often have defects in plastic products due to some inattention, which affects the efficiency of injection molding.
Below, we will simply analyze the problem of uneven color processing under the injection molding process.
In the process of injection molding, in order to make the plastic parts have more abundant colors, we will add appropriate amount of coloring materials to the raw materials. However, for one reason or another, color unevenness will occur.
So, what are the […]

Analysis of Pre-project of Plastic Mold

After fully understanding customer project requirements, it is necessary to fully understand and analyze the products. Confirm the feasibility of the project. So what do you need to know in detail? The main contents are as follows:
(1) Dimensional accuracy and correctness of related dimensions
Understand the specific requirements and functions of the product in the whole product. It includes dimension tolerance requirement, appearance requirement and assembly relationship of products.
(2) Reasonable demolding angle
The demolding angle is directly related to the demolding […]

The application of 3D printing in the automotive industry

As “Industry 4.0” progresses step by step, 3D printing has become one of the technical support of this technological revolution. In recent years, it has been pushed to the forefront of the market and used in many fields. Then, for the automotive industry, it is a key area for 3D printing technology applications. Nowadays, the wider application of 3D printing technology in the field of auto parts has become a major trend, and it will definitely be a major breakthrough in […]