What are the differences between plastic injection mold and silicone mold?

1) Differences in materials used:

Silica gel mold is a special mold shellfish glue for making artworks. Generally, silica gel and epoxy curing agent are mixed according to a certain proportion, and then dried and formed under indoor temperature or heating standard. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance and high simulation precision. Silica gel belongs to thermosetting plastic raw materials, generally all die-casting. Silica gel has good liquidity, so silica gel mold does not need boiling water, and the price is more economical than plastic injection mold.

Plastic injection mold is a kind of combined mold shell used for shrinking, flame retardant plastics, injection molding, injection molding and low polyurethane foam forming, so it is also called injection mold or plastic mold. It can produce and process different plastic parts. Before, China’s processing factories were called plastic products factories, while Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions called plastic products factories as plastic enterprises. Plastic is a thermosetting plastic raw material, generally all the injection molding process is selected. Plastic injection mold has the title of “mother of industrial production”. Nowadays, many new product announcements will involve plastics.

2) Differences in mold structure:

The raw material of silica gel mold is mold shell silica gel, which is generally composed of five components: base gum, coupling agent, metal catalyst, filler and preservative. In fact, the base gum, coupling agent and filler are one component, and the metal catalyst is taken as an independent component. This is why the Tempie silica gel is the origin of the component indoor temperature silica gel.

The key to the construction of plastic injection mold consists of a base steel plate composed of a female die, a female die component and a wood card board composed of a female die; a die with a deformable core composed of a base steel plate, a punch part, a punch composed of a punch, a wood card board composed of a punch component and a side section composition plate. In order to improve the properties of plastics, various auxiliary materials, such as fillers, tackifiers, lubricants, thickeners and additives, should be added to the polymers.

3) Differences in main uses:

According to the chemical properties, silica gel can be divided into solid silica gel and liquid silica gel. Solid silica gel is the key product for molding. For example: silicone cover, silicone kitchenware, silicone mold, silicone function keys, etc., liquid silica gel key for extrusion products, such as silicone milk bottle, nipple, silicone tube, etc.

Plastic parts are widely used in every industry, such as electrical products, instrument equipment, cables and wires, engineering construction equipment, communication electronic devices, automobile industry, aerospace, daily hardware, etc.



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