What causes the color error after injection molding

There may be various problems after injection molding, but these problems cannot be avoided. Once these problems affect the use effect of finished products and cannot meet the needs of the company, we need to find out these problems before the production is completed to see which step is wrong. Now let’s talk about the color problem after injection molding.

(1) Matching of injection molding machine

First of all, when selecting the injection molding machine, choose the equipment that is consistent with the product. If the equipment has dead corners, try to replace the equipment.

(2) Preparation of raw materials

The control of raw materials is the key to solve the color difference. Therefore, it is easy to affect the production of light colored products, and the thermal stability of raw resin in different color fluctuation products cannot be ignored.

(4) Influence of Injection Molding Process Adjustment

When the injection process parameters are adjusted without color difference, the injection temperature, back pressure, injection cycle and the amount of color masterbatch shall not be changed. Avoid injection molding with high injection speed, high back pressure and other strong shearing effects as far as possible to prevent local overheating or thermal decomposition due to color difference and other factors. Strictly control the temperature of each heating section, especially the nozzle and heating section close to the heating section.

(5) Barrel temperature, change of masterbatch color

When adjusting the color, you should know whether the color of the product will change with the change of temperature. Because the temperature of different color masterbatch production changes, you should control the color difference caused by the change of color masterbatch.



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