Which mistakes are easy to make in the injection mold process?

In fact, injection mold engineering is often used to make plastic products. It also uses a technology to make the structure and size of plastic into a workpiece, so the structure and quality of injection molding can directly affect the quality of finished products. What are the problems that are easy to occur in the work of injection mold? Let’s have a look.

1. difficult sprue stripping

In the injection molding process, the grid electrode of the grid electrode is glued with a sleeve, which is easy to sag. When the mold is opened, cracks appear and the articles are damaged. In addition, operators must use copper to knock from the nozzle head, which has a serious impact on the production efficiency after the release. The main cause of this kind of failure is the difference of the end-point gate of the taper hole and the circumferential direction of the hole mark. Secondly, the material is too soft, the small end of the taper hole is deformed or damaged after a period of time, and the spherical curvature of the nozzle is too small, which makes the rivet head of the grid material produced here. The processing difficulty standard of conical sprue sleeve should be adopted. For their own treatment, it should be carried out for later or special reamers. The cone is polished by Ra0.4 or more. In addition, the grid must be provided with a pull rod or sprue ejection mechanism.

2. guide post damage

The guide post mainly plays a guiding and educational role in the mold, so as to ensure that the forming surfaces of the core and cavity can not collide with each other in any case. The guide post design cannot be used as a force bearing part or positioning part. In the following analysis of several different cases, the moving die will produce a huge lateral horizontal offset force during injection: (1) when the wall thickness of the plastic part is required and uneven, the rate of material flow through the thick wall is large, where we generate a large pressure; (2) The side reaction of the plastic part is asymmetric, such as the development of the stepped parting surface, and the back pressure on the opposite sides of the die structure is also unequal.

3. movable formwork bending

During injection molding, reverse pressure may be generated in the mold cavity, and many workers often do not pay attention to this, resulting in the finished product deviates from the expected result,

During injection, the molten plastic in the mold cavity generates a huge reverse pressure, usually 600-1000 kg / cm. Mold manufacturers sometimes do not pay attention to this problem, often change the original design size, or use low-strength steel plate to replace the movable formwork. For the top material with ejector rod on the mold, due to the large span on both sides of the valve seat, the template will bend downward during injection molding.



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