Design of Wall thickness

Product structure is the key to the mould cost factors, to implement a function has a variety of different design, different design decision mold manufacturing method, determine the price of the mould is different also, some structure only requires us to pay attention to some design principles, maybe you can save a lot of cost, you can view our design guidelines to learn.


If we ignore the wall thickness of the product, the appearance problems caused by the uneven wall thickness of the product design after the mold production and treatment are: shrinkage, deformation, thickness and thin printing, trapped air charring, the difficulty of glue, resulting in burr edge. Therefore, proper wall thickness will reduce the risk of cosmetic defects in plastic parts.


We need to pay attention to the following points:


The lateral wall thickness of any plastic product should not be less than 40% of the adjacent side or the main wall thickness, but not more than 60% of it.


Choose different plastics, its design wall thickness requirements will be different, that is to say, some materials suitable for wall thickness parts, some materials suitable for thin-wall parts, when setting the wall thickness of parts should consider whether to conform to the recommended thickness range of selected materials;


No matter how thick the wall is, the use of part geometry, such as long unsupported spans, sharp interior angles and too thick boss, should be avoided. Use bone reinforcement where needed and add rounded corners to strengthen the product;


The wall thickness of screw column should also follow the molding design rules of 40-60% wall thickness to avoid shrinkage.


The uniformity of the wall thickness is very important. For example, the glue position of the main body of the product is 2mm, and a small area less than 0.8mm will appear directly without excessive process, which will make it difficult to fill the 0.8mm area, and stress marks will appear in the connection.


At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the drawing Angle of the product, according to the height of the product to put the appropriate drawing Angle, not all products are 2 degrees in the front die and 1 degree in the back die.


Qualified part structure design can improve the plasticity of products, the success rate of mold manufacturing is higher, but also can avoid many product defects.

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