Five elements in plastic mould

1. Parting line: the contact surface between the plastic mold and the punch when it is closed. The selection of its position and form is affected by product shape and appearance, wall thickness, forming method, post-treatment process, die type and structure, demoulding method and forming machine structure.

2. Structural parts: sliding block, inclined top and straight top of complex mold. The design of structural parts is very critical, which is related to product life, processing cycle, cost, product quality and so on. Therefore, the design of complex core structure needs the designer’s comprehensive ability, and tries to pursue a simpler, more durable and more economical design scheme.

3. Accuracy: i.e. card avoidance, precision positioning, guide post, positioning pin, etc. Positioning system is related to product appearance quality, mold quality and mold life. Different positioning methods are selected according to different die structures. The control of positioning accuracy mainly depends on processing. The positioning of the internal mold is mainly considered by the designer, and a more reasonable and easy to adjust positioning method is designed.

4. Gating system: that is, the feeding channel from nozzle to cavity of injection molding machine, including main sprue, branch sprue, gate and cold cavity. In particular, the choice of gate position should be conducive to filling the cavity with molten plastic under good flow state, and when opening the mold (except hot runner mold), the solid runner and gate cold material attached to the product can be easily ejected and taken out from the mold.

5. Plastic shrinkage and factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of products: such as plastic mold manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear, etc. In addition, the matching of molding machine process parameters and structural parameters should also be considered when designing compression mold and injection mold.



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