How to solve the peculiar smell of injection molding products

Injection molding products are not only required to be qualified in quality, but also have adverse effects on customers if there is a peculiar smell in the produced injection parts. In particular, some injection molding plants use qualified plastic particles, and the increase of peculiar smell will directly affect consumers’ purchase of products. Therefore, injection molding products need to be guaranteed that there is no bad smell.


1. Strictly control the use of additives

The TERT amines used in the production process of polyurethane foam will bring strong odor and fogging on windows. We can find these substituted amines to use polyhydroxyl compounds. Polyhydroxyl compounds are not only the components of polyurethane molecular chains, but also have catalytic activity. Some polyhydroxyl compounds can even replace half of tertiary amine catalysts. In this way, the smell of injection molding products will become lighter.

2. Choose purer resin

In many plastic molds, especially in polyvinyl chloride, styrene, poly (ethyl acetate) and acrylate, the residual trace monomer will have a bad smell. It is better to choose odorless resin.

3. Pay attention to the use of adsorbent

If a small amount of zeolite is filled in the polymer, the odor of the material can be removed. The zeolite has a lot of crystal vacancy, which can capture the odorous gas molecules.

Injection molding manufacturers purchase qualified plastic particles, which is an important guarantee to ensure that there is no peculiar smell in injection products. As for some plastics with certain odor, injection manufacturers need to take certain measures before production.



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