Introduction of PC plastic injection molding process

PC plastic is one of the most common plastics in injection molding process. Many plastic parts are especially made by injection molding. PC plastic has been recognized by the market for its excellent performance. What should be paid attention to in the process of PC plastic injection molding? JasonMould manufacturers will share with you.


1、 Introduction to the properties of PC plastics

PC is widely used in the field of electronic and electrical appliances and industrial parts because of its high strength, good transparency, low shrinkage and good processing performance. Today, Daliang will talk with you about the injection molding process of PC material and the selection of screw.

2、 Process characteristics of PC plastics

The process characteristics of PC are: the melt viscosity is less sensitive to shear rate, but more sensitive to temperature, no obvious melting point, high viscosity of melt body, easy hydrolysis of resin at high temperature and easy cracking of products.

3、 Injection molding process of PC plastics

In view of these characteristics of PC plastics, we should pay special attention to the different treatment: to increase the fluidity of the melt, not by increasing the injection pressure, but by increasing the injection temperature. The runner and gate of the mold should be short and thick to reduce the pressure loss of the fluid, and the injection pressure should be higher.

Before molding, the resin should be fully dried to control its moisture content below 0.02%. In addition, insulation measures should be taken to prevent moisture absorption.

Not only reasonable product design is needed, but also molding process should be mastered correctly, such as increasing mold temperature and post-treatment of products, which can reduce or eliminate internal stress. Adjust the process parameters according to the different conditions of the products.

When PC plastic is in injection molding process, the operator needs to be familiar with the characteristics of the plastic itself, in order to produce qualified injection molding products.


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