Learn about precision parts processing

There is a set of processes for the division and sequence of precision parts processing. In this article, we will introduce the content of precision parts processing.

(1) The connecting rod itself has low stiffness and is easy to deform under external force. The connecting rod is a die forging with large working allowance for machining holes, which is easy to generate residual stress in the cutting process. Therefore, in the process planning, the main surface roughness and finishing processes should be separated. In this way, the deformation caused by rough machining can be corrected in semi finish machining, and the deformation caused by semi finish machining can be corrected in finish machining to meet the process requirements of parts. At the same time, the positioning datum can be processed first in process planning. The connecting rod process can be divided into the following three stages.

1. Rough machining stage Rough machining stage is also the processing stage before connecting rod body and cover are combined: it is mainly the processing of datum plane, including the processing of auxiliary datum plane; Prepare the connecting rod body and cover for machining, such as milling and grinding the mating surface.

2. Semi finishing stage: the semi finishing stage is also the processing after the combination of connecting rod and cover plate, such as finishing both sides, semi finishing floor big end, hole and hole chamfer, etc. In a word, it is the stage of preparing to complete the big and small head holes.

3. Finishing stage: the finishing stage is mainly to ensure that the main surface of the connecting rod, namely the large and small head holes, meet the requirements of the drawing, such as honing the large head holes and finishing boring the small head bearing holes.

(2) Selection of locating datum Most processes in the connecting rod machining process adopt the unified locating datum: end face, small head hole and process boss.

(3) Determine a reasonable clamping method. The connecting rod is a workpiece with poor rigidity. Attention shall be paid to the size, direction and position of the force bearing point of the clamping force to avoid deformation caused by the clamping force.


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