Solution to the problem that injection mold cannot exhaust

When the injection mold is opened, the mold often can not exhaust. How to solve this situation?

From the design process of injection mold, the exhaust of injection mold is through the gap between injection mold parts. Most injection molds with small volume can exhaust naturally by using the clearance between the parting surface of the mold, the fit clearance between the push rod and the push rod hole and the fit clearance of the movable core hole.

For example, if some special injection molds with large volume cannot exhaust normally, we can adopt the mosaic structure of the injection mold as far as possible without affecting the appearance and dimensional accuracy requirements of the injection mold products, and large injection molds can exhaust with the gap of insert splicing. Moreover, the mutual splicing structure of inserts can reduce the difficulty of making mold structure of large-scale injection mold, and even the maintenance is very simple.

The exhaust plug is made of metal blocks of special materials by sintering, so there will be many fine voids in the sintering process of special materials, which are just good for exhaust. In some cases, if the post filling part of the cavity is not on the parting surface, and there is no movable gap around the part that can exhaust to match, in this case, the exhaust plug can be embedded in the deep part of the cavity. Because the exhaust plug is easy to leave contact marks on the surface of plastic products, it should be noted that the exhaust plug should be set in a hidden place inside the products that is not easy to be found, At the same time, the diameter of the vent hole should not be too large to avoid deformation when the exhaust plug is stressed.

For some common plastic melts that are prone to produce gas in the forming process, or thin-walled products in the injection molding process, or injection molds with rapid injection process, we can set up several rows of exhaust slots on both sides of the core for exhaust. However, in order to facilitate the manufacture and cleaning of the die surface in the future, the exhaust slot should be set on one side of the cavity on the parting surface as far as possible.


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