Six Points of Preparation for Mold Assembly

  1. Familiarity with assembly procedure


The assembly procedure of injection mold is not only the process document of the assembly process and operation method of the mold, but also the technical document guiding the assembly work of the mold. It is also the basis for the assembly production plan and technical preparation. Therefore, before assembling, workers must read the assembly process regulations carefully, understand and master the whole process of assembling the mold.


  1. A thorough understanding of assembly drawings


Assembly drawing is the main basis for mold assembly. Generally speaking, the structure of the die largely determines the assembly sequence and method of the mold. Deep analysis of assembly drawings, part drawings and part drawings can help us to understand the structural characteristics and working performance of the mold, understand the role of the parts in the mold and their interrelationship, cooperation requirements and connection methods, so as to determine a reasonable assembly benchmark, and then formulate assembly methods and assembly sequence in combination with process regulations.


  1. Checking Parts


According to the detailed list of parts on the assembly drawing, check whether the number of parts is enough, then clean the parts carefully, check the main parts carefully, such as the shape and size tolerance of the cavity, find out the clearance of the fitting surface of each part, the processing allowance, whether there are deformation and crack defects, etc.


  1. Mould Acceptance Technology


Mastering the technical conditions of mould acceptance is not only the basis of mould quality standard and acceptance, but also the technological basis of assembling. This acceptance technical condition mainly refers to the technical requirements of the technical agreement signed with customers and product drawings and the quality standards promulgated by the state. Therefore, before assembling, workers must fully understand these technical conditions, so that they can pay full attention to the assembling process in order to assemble qualified molds.


  1.  Developing Assembly Sites


When assembling moulds, it is necessary to have a good assembly site, which must be clean and tidy without any debris. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare the necessary workmanship, clamps, measuring tools and other necessary assembly equipment for assembling, wipe them clean and open up a civilized production site.


  1. Preparing standard parts and related materials

Each set of mold has many standard parts, such as bolts, pins, nuts, springs, etc. Although they are not many in number, they have many specifications. In order to assemble smoothly, at the beginning of assembly, these standard parts must be found one by one in order to be easy to find when assembling. In addition, the auxiliary materials needed in assembly, such as rubber, adhesives, should also be prepared as needed.


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