The Significance of Numbers at the Bottom of Plastic Bottles

The bottom number of plastic bottles represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate). At present, mineral water, carbonated beverage and functional beverage bottles are made of this material. It is heat-resistant to 70 C and easy to deform. It may release carcinogens after 10 months of use. In hot weather, do not put mineral water in the open air or in cars, nor directly flush boiling water into mineral water bottles.



2 stands for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): It is mainly used to make containers and bottles for cleaning and bathing products. It is relatively heat-resistant, but not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria, it is recommended not to recycle. 3 stands for PVC (polyvinyl chloride): The toxic and harmful substances easily produced by this kind of plastic products come from two aspects.



One is the monomer vinyl chloride which has not been fully polymerized in the production process, and the other is the harmful substance in plasticizer. These two substances are easy to release when exposed to high temperature and grease. Toxic substances are easy to cause cancer when they enter the body with food. 4 stands for LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene): Preservation film, plastic film and other materials on the market at present are of low heat resistance.


The qualified PE film will melt when the temperature exceeds 110 C. When the food is heated by wrapping the film, the oil in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the film. Before food is heated in a microwave oven, the wrapped film should be removed. 5 stands for PP (polypropylene): The microwave oven lunch box is made of this material. It can withstand high temperature of 130 C and has poor transparency.


This is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven and reused after careful cleaning. Some lunch boxes are made of No. 5 PP, but the lid is made of No. 6 PS (polystyrene). PS has good transparency, but it is not high temperature resistant, so it can not be put into the microwave oven with the box.



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