Key Points Of Boss Design

Screw post is also called boss, which is a feature of most products. What key points should we pay attention to when designing the structure? Let’s have a look:


  1. The wall thickness of the boss, at the time of structure design, we need to consider the strength of the boss, so as far as possible the post do thick wall thickness, but this will lead to positive forming parts shrink, we can design according to the main body of the wall thickness of boss wall thickness, generally not less than 0.8 mm, can only do in mold department is greater than 0.8 mm tube, for their depth of more than 15 mm parts we must pay attention to this; It cannot be more than 60% of the wall thickness of the main body, which is our accumulated experience in thousands of sets of molds. If the surface of the part cannot accept shrinkage, you are better to accept our experience.


  1. Reduce the wall thickness of the boss, strength weakened will follow, probably can’t meet our functional requirements, such as torsion test tensile test and so on, this is can be improved by increasing the stiffener, namely we often say that rib, it will make the strength of pillars is better than the original wall thickness of the pillar strength, and perfectly to avoid sink mark.


  1. If the boss is on the inclined plane or arc plane, the contact area between the bottom of the boss and the inclined plane will be larger, so the risk of shrinkage will be increased. We can reduce the glue around the root of the boss to avoid the appearance problem, which is also known as the crater.


  1. We also have a little reminder, parts of the injection molding can’t connect with the product side together, if you do this, the strength of the boss could be OK, but is almost bound to form shrinkage in the side, and angle will be formed in the mould, we can in the post and leave some distance between the sides, and then use rib connected, have to say that strength is taken into account in structure design, rib is god.


Qualified structural design can not only reduce the cost of mold development, but also improve the qualified rate of products and even the overall quality, which means that the cost of our products will follow. If you have any questions on the design, please feel free to contact us.

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