Will the temperature affect the processing of plastic mold?

The temperature of plastic mold is very important for injection molding. If the temperature of the plastic mold is well controlled, the processed products will be good products; if the temperature of the plastic mold is not well controlled, the processed products may be scrap products.
Plastic mold

So, what kind of influence will the temperature of plastic mold have on the processed products?

1. The temperature of the plastic mold will reduce the standard accuracy of the product, which will reduce the qualified rate of the product,
2. The temperature difference between the mold core and cavity is too large, the plastic parts shorten unevenly, which leads to the zigzag deformation of the products and affects the appearance of the products.
3. If the temperature of the plastic mold is too high, the product will deform in the process of demoulding and after demoulding, and its shape and standard accuracy will decrease.
4. With regard to some crystalline plastics, the use of high temperature of plastic mold is conducive to the crystallization process and prevent the change of standards in the process of deposit or application.
5. With regard to flexible plastics, the use of low temperature of plastic mold can reduce the molding shortening rate, improve the standard accuracy of parts, shorten the molding cycle and improve the production efficiency.
6. When plastic mold is filled at low temperature, if the melt speed is not high enough, the internal stress of the product will increase, which is easy to cause warping deformation or application cracking, especially for some high viscosity plastics.
7. The temperature of the plastic mold will reduce the fluidity of the plastic melt, making the parts unclear, even dissatisfied with the filling process, or in the process of filling, because the temperature of the melt front drops too much, obvious cold joints occur, resulting in the decline of the mechanical properties of the products. Too low plastic mold temperature, will make the product surface is not smooth, attack a variety of surface defects.


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