Plastic injection Mould

How to deal with side dents in injection moulds

Usually, the surface of plastic products obtained by this injection moulding method has good gloss and beautiful color, but in the actual injection moulding production process, many products produced by injection moulding factories have relatively large defects in color and gloss. Besides the hard factors such as plastic raw materials, colorants and the surface gloss of the mould, what other reasons will be created? What happened?

(1) The surface of the mould cavity is rusty, and the exhaust of the […]

The reason and solution for surface roughness

Surface roughness means there is a lack of precision in the surface of a molded part, or an inconsistent level of precision all over the surface, e.g. some areas are glossier than the rest. The main reasons for surface roughness might lie in the injection molding machine, the mold, the process or the material.
(1)Injection Molding Machine
①Insufficient material supply;
②Material barrel is not thoroughly cleaned when changing material;
③Check for cold melt leakage at the nozzle;
①The gate is too small, or the runner […]

Common failure of injection mold

1.1 Mold reset plate is not reset
After the mold is opened, the mold reset plate is not reset. The causes are: reset oil cylinder oil leakage, resulting in uneven force when the mold is reset. The mold reset is unbalanced.
The reset rod of the mold is strained, the cooperation between the reset rod and the guide sleeve is tightened, and the reset plate is not topped.
Solution: Check if the oil seal of the mold reset cylinder is worn out. If […]

PMMA Plastic Injection Molding Process

PMMA, i.e. polymethyl methacrylate, also known as acrylic or organic glass, is a transparent thermoplastic with a relative density of 1.19, which is higher than that of water. With a high surface glossiness, the PMMA products are characterized by strength, rigidity and toughness.
The process features of PMMA: due to the high viscosity, PMMA has a poor fluidity. Therefore, a high material temperature and a high injection pressure must be applied during the injection molding process, among which the influence […]

Discoloration issue in plastic injection molding

Discoloration means the surface color of a molded part is not consistent with the required color. Discoloration may be caused by a variety of reasons, which may cover the several aspects of injection molding machine, mold, process and raw materials, etc.
(1) Injection Molding Machine
① Equipment is not clean and needs to be cleansed. Dusts or powders are deposited in the barrel, which contaminates and discolors the materials;
② Temperature control failure caused by malfunction of thermal couple, temperature controller or […]

How to get injection mold quotation from mold maker?

How to get injection mold quotation from mold maker?
Although there are countless creative people with great creativity in this world, sometimes they just do not have the necessary knowledge to turn the creative ideas into reality.
If a project involves parts made of the plastic material, it might be appropriate to adopt the plastic injection molding process. Injection molding, the technique of choice for a large number of entrepreneurs and OEMs, is well known for its capability to turn out high volumes […]

How much does it cost to make a plastic mould?

The factors that determine the price of plastic moulds are as follows:

Expected production of plastic moulds, which determines what kind of material to use and what price to pay.


The size and shape of the product are simple and complex. This determines the structure of the plastic mould, which directly affects the cost of the plastic mould.


The requirement of size and appearance, precision and appearance, and processing cost are also different.


The requirement for the number of holes in plastic moulds […]

Development and Implication of Plastic Mould

All kinds of tools and products we use in our daily production and life, ranging from the base of machine tools and the shell of fuselage to the shell of a embryo head screw, buttons and various household appliances, are closely related to the model. The shape of the mould determines the shape of these products, and the quality and precision of the mould also determine the quality of these products. Because of the different material, appearance, specifications and uses of various […]

Advantages of Automotive Plastic Parts

Automotive plastic parts are light in weight, and have many colors, beautiful, good weight loss effect, reduce the weight of the body itself. It can be recycled and recycled many times. In automobile recycling, most of the metal products do not have recycling value, because they are too old and rusty. Plastic products, because of its regeneration characteristics, can basically be melted after secondary processing, and will not produce any harm.

Advantages of automotive plastic parts:
Plastic products have the advantages […]

Design Flow of Plastic Mould

The structure of plastic parts is ever-changing, but not every plastic part can be opened smoothly, so it is most important to analyze the product data reasonably before opening, which can avoid a lot of trouble.

First, at the beginning, we must define the design requirements of plastic parts. We should consider the feasibility and economy of injection moulding process from the aspects of plastic varieties, shape, dimension accuracy and surface roughness of products. When necessary, we should carefully discuss […]