Plastic injection Mould

Five techniques for optimizing injection molding process

What does “optimizing” the injection molding process mean? Generally speaking, this means that the process must be carefully checked to achieve valuable and effective process objectives. Let’s take a look at five techniques for doing this.
1. Quality control by manufacturing samples.
Of course, quality control is the key part of the whole molding production process, which is usually carried out in the later stage of production, while the quality control of sample parts is different. In order to pursue the […]

How to achieve higher product performance tolerance in injection mold processing

What is the tolerance range?
Tolerance is an acceptable limit of variation: including physical properties or dimensions.
In the process of injection mold processing, the size of plastic parts depends on many variables, and it is not necessarily processed into accurate size like other manufacturing processes. The factors affecting the size change of plastic parts include: material, performance, design, machine and production process.
In the injection mold design stage, uncertainty of mold tolerance can lead to incorrect matching, product or function failure, […]

Customized processing of plastic injection mold for JasonMould automobile

The automobile industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years, and more and more new products have entered the market, such as new energy vehicles. A large number of automatic parts are made of plastic. As a new material of automobile parts, plastic parts can reduce the weight of automobile and save energy, so they are widely used in automobile industry. This means that a large number of plastic injection molds are needed to produce the required plastic […]

Injection molding process of precision mould for metal insert

What is metal forming?
Metal insert molding is to insert metal objects in the process of plastic injection molding. The melting material and the insert are combined to form an integrated product forming process.
Why metal insert molding?
1. Injection molding materials: plastic materials and other materials, such as metal inserts, pins, copper nuts, iron sheets, steel balls, fibers and other materials for injection molding.
2. Vertical injection mold structure: 1 front mold, 2 back mold
3. Advantages of vertical multi-material injection molding: the […]

What are the considerations when choosing the right plastic material for injection molding?

There are many considerations to consider when choosing the right plastic material for your injection molding project. Because different plastic resins and materials have different characteristics, these characteristics can affect the performance of the product.
The question to be understood when evaluating the product for the first time is: what is the purpose of the injection molding product? Where will it be used and how it will work? Because of the different uses of the product, the occasions used can […]

What kind of plastic injection mold factory can be trusted?

A good plastic injection mold factory can not only guarantee its own profits, but also create excellent quality products. Therefore, a mold factory must have a sound management system, an efficient team, strong executive ability and innovative spirit. So how can it be done?
Organization structure and operation rules
>Design Department – DFM review and plastic injection mold design
Mainly responsible for DFM review, mold design, information communication with customers, product review, and technical support for early quotation.
>Machining Department – programming, CNC, […]

How to improve the thimble marks in injection molding

What is the cause of thimble printing in injection molding?
Injection molding products manufacturers appear thimble printing is caused by many aspects, such as mold temperature is too high, injection pressure is too high, holding pressure is too large, ejector pin distribution is unreasonable, demoulding force is not enough, and so on.
How to improve the thimble marks produced in the injection molding process?
1. Avoid over injection of plastic melt.
2. Reduce the injection pressure and packing pressure.
3. Reduce the injection speed […]

How to reduce the dimensional tolerance of plastic mould factory?

With the increasing requirements of customers, the products are more and more complex, the mold tolerance accuracy requirements are higher and higher, so how should the plastic mold factory reduce the mold dimensional tolerance?
What factors affect the machining accuracy of die and mold? 1. Dimensional accuracy 2. Shape accuracy 3. Position accuracy 4. Machining equipment accuracy 5. Processing technology of technicians
Aircraft interior parts mold
So what should the plastic mold factory do to reduce the dimensional tolerance?
In order to reduce […]

What information need to be confirmed before the mold is put on the machine?

1. The outer diameter of the positioning ring is in line with the positioning hole of the machine.
2. The maximum opening distance: when the mold is fully opened, the opening distance should be less than the maximum opening distance of the machine. If the opening distance of the mold is greater than the distance of the machine, the shorter outer pull rod can be replaced. However, the shorter outer pull rod of some products can not guarantee the smooth […]

What are the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing and processing?

With the rapid development of the plastic industry, plastic products are widely used in various fields. As the best tool for mass production of plastic products, plastic mold is gradually known by the public. So what are the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing?
Mingyang Yutong injection mold manufacturing
(1) Plastic mold processing accuracy requirements are high: plastic mold is generally composed of female mold, punch and mold base, complex mold may also be multi piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of […]