Common problems in spray processing of plastic products

Seven common problems in spraying plastic products: appearance: cause of granulation: the working site is not clean, dust mixed into the paint; paint and curing agent have occurred copolymer particles after the paint has been distributed for a long time; the amount of oil from the spray gun is too small and the air pressure is too high, so that the paint atomization is not good or the spray gun is too close to the object surface.

Clean the spray booth and cover the paint barrel; the paint is well distributed and not suitable for long time; adjust the spray gun to make it in working condition. Causes of vertical flow: excessive diluent makes the viscosity of paint too low and lose viscosity; too much oil output, too close to the surface or too slow spray operation.

Each time the fuel injection quantity is too much and too thick or the time interval between re spraying is too short; the object surface is uneven, especially the streamline body shape is easy to vertical flow. The treatment method: according to the request proportion; control the oil output to ensure the spraying distance from the spray gun to improve the running speed of the spray gun; each injection should not be too thick, and the interval spraying time should be controlled twice.

Control the amount of oil, reduce the thickness of the paint film; clarify the proportion according to the application: orange peel reason: too much curing agent makes the paint film monotonous and too fast, and the reaction is fierce; the spraying pressure is too high, and the paint film can not be leveled; the temperature on the work site is too high, so the paint film should be violent. Methods: clarify the proportion according to the application; adjust the air pressure, not too big.


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