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What causes uneven color in injection molding

When we do injection molding, we often have defects in plastic products due to some inattention, which affects the efficiency of injection molding.
Below, we will simply analyze the problem of uneven color processing under the injection molding process.
In the process of injection molding, in order to make the plastic parts have more abundant colors, we will add appropriate amount of coloring materials to the raw materials. However, for one reason or another, color unevenness will occur.
So, what are the […]

Analysis of Pre-project of Plastic Mold

After fully understanding customer project requirements, it is necessary to fully understand and analyze the products. Confirm the feasibility of the project. So what do you need to know in detail? The main contents are as follows:
(1) Dimensional accuracy and correctness of related dimensions
Understand the specific requirements and functions of the product in the whole product. It includes dimension tolerance requirement, appearance requirement and assembly relationship of products.
(2) Reasonable demolding angle
The demolding angle is directly related to the demolding […]

The application of 3D printing in the automotive industry

As “Industry 4.0” progresses step by step, 3D printing has become one of the technical support of this technological revolution. In recent years, it has been pushed to the forefront of the market and used in many fields. Then, for the automotive industry, it is a key area for 3D printing technology applications. Nowadays, the wider application of 3D printing technology in the field of auto parts has become a major trend, and it will definitely be a major breakthrough in […]

Development Trend of Automotive Injection Molding Parts

Over the past 30 years, the application of plastics in automotive has been increasing. The consumption of automotive plastics in developed countries accounts for 8%~10% of the total consumption of plastics. From the material used in modern automobiles, plastic can be seen everywhere, whether it is exterior decoration, interior decoration, or functional and structural parts. The main components of the interior decoration are dashboard, door inner panel, auxiliary dashboard, sundry box cover, seat, rear guard panel, etc. The main […]

Application of ABS plastic on kitchen utensils

ABS raw materials have excellent comprehensive properties, good impact strength, good dimensional stability, electrical properties, wear resistance, chemical resistance, dyeability, molding processing and mechanical processing.
Kitchen utensils such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, ovens, food dryers, food shredders, food processing machines, juice presses, etc. often use ABS plastic materials.
1. The materials used in rice cookers should have excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, water vapor resistance, and are non-toxic and odorless.
The main uses of ABS resin on rice cookers are handles, […]

Temperature Control Requirements and Mould Maintenance in Injection Moulding

The requirement of temperature in injection processing is very strict. Controlling the temperature of injection processing is an important factor that determines the eligibility of injection processing products. In view of the injection processing temperature, today I would like to talk about the matters needing attention in injection processing temperature. The following three points have a direct impact on the injection processing temperature: 1.
1. Nozzle temperature: nozzle temperature should not be too low, otherwise it will cause premature solidification […]

ABS recycled material

The ABS recycled material is a synthetic plastic of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, and a graft copolymerization product of three monomers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, which are named after the first letter of their English names. It is a kind of resin with high strength, good toughness and excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used and is often used as engineering plastics.
Industrially, polybutadiene latex or styrene-butadiene rubber with low styrene content is mainly used as a main chain, […]

Which engineering plastics are used for automobile plastic parts?

With the rise of automobile lightweight, more and more automobile plastic parts are used. Developed countries regard the amount of plastics used in automobiles as an important symbol to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing. German automobile plastics account for 15% of the total material. In recent years, China’s automotive industry has developed rapidly. At present, the annual output of automobiles exceeds 4 million. Referring to the trend of foreign countries, the annual use of modified plastics […]

Are custom injection molding services the best choice for toy manufacturers in china?

Custom injection molding services are very popular in various industries due to their versatility.
There are many customers that can be obtained if you own a manufacturing company that offers a variety of manufacturing methods such as custom injection molding services, for example.
For many industries, plastic has been its best ally since they require a light material, which has a fairly smooth finish, since otherwise it would represent a threat to all its final customers, for example the industries that […]