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Requirements for selection of materials for injection molding parts

The selection of mold materials is an important issue in mold design and manufacturing, which directly affects the manufacturing process of the mold, the service life of the mold, the molding quality of the plastic parts and the processing cost of the mold.
Because of this, domestic and foreign scholars have developed new mold steels with good performance, processing performance and heat treatment deformation, such as pre-hardened steel, new quenched and tempered steel and maraging steel.
In addition, in order to […]

Does 3D Printing Replace Traditional Mould Manufacturing?

In recent years, with the development of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry in China is developing rapidly from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. 3D printing technology has been widely used in China’s manufacturing industry. 3D printers can provide efficient and low-cost support for die design and manufacturing. Even with the rapid development of 3D printing technology, in some areas, it has gradually begun to subvert the die technology, forming a direct competitive relationship with it.
“Compared with 3D printing technology, traditional […]

Proper Quality Management Extends Tool Service Life

In the production process, tools are subject to normal wear and tear. It is certain that quality management control in daily production will play an important role in the assurance of tool quality, which mainly covers the following aspects:

Effective data management, including production data, process data and drawing documents: Effective management of production data, process data and 2D/3D drawing documents is able to ensure a complete document library and full drawing versions, leading to effective sharing and effective inquiry […]

The Significance of Numbers at the Bottom of Plastic Bottles

The bottom number of plastic bottles represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate). At present, mineral water, carbonated beverage and functional beverage bottles are made of this material. It is heat-resistant to 70 C and easy to deform. It may release carcinogens after 10 months of use. In hot weather, do not put mineral water in the open air or in cars, nor directly flush boiling water into mineral water bottles.
2 stands for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): It is mainly used to […]

Mold flow Analysis Will Help Avoiding Potential Problem In Mold.

Over the past years, substantial advancements have been made in injection molding CAEsoftware. What started out as a tool to give designers a general idea of how a simple plastic part will fill, can now accurately analyze packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation in any complex part geometry and conditions in the mold.
Identifying Problems in the Mold
The goals of flow analysis can range from basic knit-line location prediction to measuring the exact displacement due to anisotropic conditions on a low-tolerance part.  When performed […]

How to Save the Processing Cost of Injection Mould

Reasonable saving of the processing cost of injection mould can increase the economic benefit of enterprise production, save the production cost of enterprise, and benefit the competition of enterprise and product in the market.

Rational selection of injection moulds

It is a basic cost-saving method to select and design reasonable injection moulds before product production. Different die design structures have different requirements for product materials, which are good or bad naturally. Good die has high yield, less waste and low natural […]

Hot runner system should pay attention to the problem of injection pressure

Customers may not be very careful about the use of the hot runner system. Today, JasonMould would like to talk to you about the injection pressure when choosing a hot runner system.
Injection pressure loss in hot runner systems cannot be ignored.
Many hot runner mold users have a misconception that the plastic solution in the hot runner is always hot, so the hot runner injection pressure loss is much smaller than the cold runner.
In fact, in order to adapt to […]

Difficulties of Plastic Shell Processing for Injection Molding

The shell of many common items in our life is basically made of plastic, such as mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell, computer shell, air conditioning shell, etc. All of them are produced by injection molding. The shell of a product is also a link that consumers come into contact with the product, regardless of the product performance, beauty and process, if the shell quality of the product does not meet the standards, it will leave a bad impression on […]

Common problems and precautions in plastic molds making

The production process of a set of plastic molds is not a one-step process. It is necessary to grasp the structural design of the product well, so as to avoid many problems in the subsequent production process, such as shrinking and flashing.
So, what issues should you pay attention to when making molds?
Don’t just focus on product design and neglect mold manufacturing
Some users just focus on product development when developing products or testing new products, always neglect communication with mold […]

What is the standard mold test procedure?

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble in mass production, it is necessary to pay patience to adjust and control various processing conditions, find out the best temperature and pressure conditions, and develop standard test procedures, which can be used to establish daily working methods.

Check whether the plastic in the barrel is correct or not and whether it is baked according to the regulations (if different raw materials are used in the test mould and production, […]