What are the temperature control of plastic mold

The temperature of plastic mold has a great impact on product molding quality, which is one of the three process conditions of injection molding. For precision injection molding, there is not only the problem of temperature, but also the problem of temperature control accuracy. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if the temperature control is not accurate, the fluidity of plastic melt and the molding performance and shrinkage of products will not be stable, so the accuracy of finished products can not be guaranteed. Usually, the temperature control box, heating ring and other system combination methods are used to control the mold temperature.


1. There are several ways to heat or cool the mold of plastic mold. The mold can be heated and heated by steam, hot oil circulation, hot water circulation and resistance, and the mold can be cooled by cooling circulating water or air. Resistance heating and cooling water circulating cooling are widely used in the temperature regulation of molds for injection molding machines. When the mold is heated by resistance, the plane part is heated by resistance wire, the cylinder part is heated by electric heating ring, and the mold body is heated by electric heating rod. The mold needs to be cooled by arranging circulating delivery water pipes at the cooling parts. Resistance heating and cooling water circulation work alternately according to the specific temperature conditions of the die to control the die temperature within the temperature range required by the process.


2. Precautions for mold temperature control:

(1) The temperature of each part of the molding die after heating shall be uniform to ensure that the melt has better mold filling quality, so as to ensure the molding quality of injection molded products and improve the qualified rate of injection molded products.

(2) The specific process temperature adjustment of the die should be determined by the viscosity of the melt. When high viscosity melt is injected into the mold, the specific temperature of the mold should be adjusted slightly higher; The mold temperature can be properly reduced by filling the mold with low viscosity melt. When preparing for injection production, the specific temperature of the mold is within the process requirements. In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the die, the temperature of the die required by the heating process shall be kept constant for a period of time.

(3) During injection molding of large-scale plastic products, due to the large amount of molten material used for molding and the relatively harmonious molten material flow path, the large mold shall be heated and moisturized at the molten material flow path to prevent the cooling of molten material flow due to the long molten material flow path and increase the viscosity of molten material, so as to slow down the material flow, affect the quality of molten material injection and mold filling, resulting in the cooling and solidification of molten material in advance, The injection work of the injection molding machine cannot be carried out.

(4) In order to reduce the melt temperature and increase the heat loss due to the long melt channel, a heat insulation and moisturizing layer should be added between the low-temperature part of the mold cavity and the high-temperature part of the melt channel.


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