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Hardness: an important performance index of mold materials and finished molds

In industrial production, mold steel is the main material of the die industry. The service life of the die and the accuracy, quality and appearance performance of the finished parts are not only related to the design technology and manufacturing accuracy of the die, but also related to the accuracy and manufacturing operation of the machine tool. Correct selection of die materials and correct execution of heat treatment process are also crucial. The heat treatment quality and service performance […]

What are the bases for evaluating the economic and technical indicators of molds

The level of mold technology is ultimately reflected in mold manufacturing cycle, mold service life, mold accuracy and stiffness, mold manufacturing cost, mold standardization and other aspects, which are also the basis for evaluating mold economic and technical indicators.
Mold manufacturing cycle: mold manufacturing cycle reflects the production technology level and organization management level of mold enterprises. Try to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle when manufacturing the mold. At present, in order to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, the method […]

Regulations on independent inspection of injection molding workshop

1、 Purpose
To strengthen process quality control, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, effectively control the number of rework, and supervise the self inspection of operators.
2、 Scope of application
All injection workshop operators.
3、 Content
1. Before continuous production, the operator must send the first piece of quality inspection for confirmation, and the first piece can be produced only after it is qualified and sealed. The label of the sealed sample must have the article number, name, sample sealing person and sample sealing […]

How to solve the problem of flow marks on the surface of injection molded products?

Flow mark is a common appearance defect of injection molded products. It will have a great impact on production, so how to solve it? Now let’s talk about how to solve the problem of flow marks on the surface of injection molded products?
Fault analysis and troubleshooting
1. The poor flow of molten material leads to the annual ring shaped ripple flow mark centered on the gate on the surface of plastic parts. It can be adopted to increase the temperature […]

Several characteristics of precision mold processing

The most important thing in precision mold processing is precision. Therefore, the size of the workpiece has high requirements, and the error is about +-0.005. In addition, many precision molds cannot have a slope during production. It is precisely because of the operability and controllability of processing that the whole process can be carried out smoothly. Here are some features of precision mold processing.
1. Abrasion resistance
When plastic deformation occurs in the female mold of the injection mold, the raw […]

What is the reason for the wide application of injection molding

In our daily life, we need to use injection molding technology for toys, bottles, containers and other materials we buy for our children. More products we don’t know are manufactured and processed by injection molding industry. Why do so many products use injection molding? It has several advantages.
1. suitable for producing precision products
One of the main advantages of plastic injection molding technology is that it can easily design a complex plastic precision parts and components through teaching. Compared with […]

How to screen injection mold manufacturers?

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the competitiveness of the mold industry is also increasing. For example, in the industry with relatively low threshold of plastic shell injection mold processing, there are many manufacturers with different sizes and small ranges, which makes it difficult for many customers with real demand to find quality manufacturers.
Then Dj Molding will share with you some tips on how to select high-quality manufacturers in many injection mold processing. First of […]

What abnormal problems will injection mold encounter

As we all know, all kinds of tools and products used in our daily production and life, from transportation to buttons and the shell of various household appliances, are closely related to the customization of injection mold. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the product, and the processing quality and accuracy of the mold also determine the quality of these products. But do you know what abnormal problems often occur in PC injection mold products? So […]

What’s wrong with the poor effect of injection molded products

In the production of some parts or objects with the help of injection molding molds, some products will have unqualified appearance and quality, which is a kind of problem that often occurs in the production process of injection molding. What factors may lead to the poor effect of injection molding products? Now let’s learn about the incentives.
Defects in the shape or quality of injection molded products may be related to the following factors:
1. Physical factors.
When there are bubbles in […]

Model manufacturing is inseparable from high-precision molds, and developers cannot ignore the communication

When developing products or trial producing new products, we should not only focus on R & D, but ignore the communication with the model manufacturing unit. After the product design scheme is preliminarily determined, contacting the manufacturer in advance has two advantages:
1、 It can ensure that the designed products have good forming process and will not be difficult to process and modify the finalized design due to parts.
2、 The mold making personnel can make design preparations in advance to […]