Is the injection mold simple? That’s just what you see on the surface

We all think that the structure of the injection mold is very simple, because we only see the surface, but we don’t know that a design is designed to design a mold, but it takes several days to draw a 3D drawing and then convert it into a 2D drawing. During this period, the designer has to go through a lot of tests and judgments when designing each ejector rod, otherwise it will cause the dislocation of the ejector rod.

In fact, designers will think of a plan before designing the structural analysis of injection mold, but there will be two schemes in it. The scheme research can be complementary. Not many designers can really achieve 100% no problem.

However, in the process of injection mold, we need to pay attention to the mutual cooperation between the overall mold embryo and mold core, otherwise there will be dislocation, resulting in mold problems; We should also pay attention to the design of hot runner. If there is a problem, it will lead to shrinkage in the process of mold production, and the produced mold is still unreasonable, so we need to pay attention to these matters for injection mold.

However, the three points that must be paid attention to in the structure of injection mold are the coordination of the whole mold embryo and mold core, otherwise there will be dislocation.



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