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Analysis on strength performance, thermal fatigue resistance and bite resistance of mold steel

1. Strength performance
(1) Hardness
Hardness is the main technical index of mold steel. In order to keep its shape and size unchanged under the action of high stress, the die must have high enough hardness. The hardness of cold working mold steel is generally maintained at about HRC60 at room temperature. According to its working conditions, hot working mold steel is generally required to be maintained in the range of hrc40 ~ 55.
For the same steel, within a certain range […]

What are the main components of injection mold processing

Injection mold is a compact tool, which has irregular shape and bears the expansion force of blank. Therefore, there are high requirements for structural strength, stiffness, hardness, roughness and machining accuracy. The increase of injection mold is one of the most important symbols of the degree of mechanical manufacturing.
After a long time of operation, the injection mold needs to be polished. The polished edge must be demagnetized without magnetism, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage. The company shall […]

What do you know about the driving mode of injection mold

The products processed by injection mold have long been seen everywhere in our lives, but in fact, many people don’t know much about injection mold processing. This article will take you to understand several ways of injection mold processing drive:
The drive and driving force for the processing and movement of injection mold are provided by the power of processing machine tools and equipment through the transmission mechanism.
Electromechanical transmission: for example, punching press, friction press, roll forging machinery, etc., the […]

What should be done to make the injection mold better

I believe everyone should know something about injection mold. The main content of this article is the polishing of injection mold, why to polish and what should be paid attention to in polishing.
Polishing injection mold has two main purposes; One is to increase the smoothness of the mold to make the surface of the products produced by the mold smooth, beautiful and beautiful. The other is that we can improve the mold, which is easy to lead to demoulding, […]

Injection molding actually has several methods

In fact, injection molding is also a processing procedure, and many supplies have to go through this procedure, because it is mainly to further improve the quality and safety level of tools, so that customers can buy and use them at ease. Injection molding procedures are also divided into many kinds. We only briefly list the following.
Compression injection molding: (compression molding) is an advanced form of traditional injection molding.
Advantages: it can increase the flow ratio of injection molded parts; […]

How to maintain the injection mold

Injection mold industry professionals know that manufacturing a good mold is not only a good machine, but also needs to develop a high-quality mold and skilled production personnel, and also need to know how to maintain it.
Doing a good job in the repair and maintenance of injection molds can not only prolong the service life of molds, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs through manufacturing and daily maintenance.
A simple and effective maintenance method: clean and polish the mold […]

How to solve the surface defects when processing products

Generally, in mold processing, if we need to use injection molding equipment to process the product surface, there will be large and small defects. Generally, these defects will appear in the gate position, which belongs to the starting position of mold processing, so these two positions are prone to problems, so we need to find ways to eliminate these defects, so that the display effect will be improved.
Dark spot defects and subtle defects will appear near the gate, which […]

What are the reasons for material bending in die processing

In the process of mold processing and customization, there may be a series of situations. In fact, one of the phenomena we will face is the bending deformation of injection mold processing. Then, in the whole processing process, in addition to considering the final requirements or installation, we should also consider the performance of tooling and equipment. In this case, it is necessary to consider more injection mold processing processes. Why is there bending during mold processing?
In the process […]

What are the consequences if the polishing time is too long during mold processing

As we all know, plastic mold is an indispensable supporting product in the plastic processing industry. There is also a plastic molding machine, which can make the mold structure better, higher precision and high integrity. However, because the plastic mold processing methods and materials will be different, the type and structure of the mold will not be the same.
In the process of plastic mold, because its polishing steps must also be experienced, but if it is not handled properly, […]

These three knowledge points should be understood before injection molding

1. In depth research and analysis of injection mold structure and related technical development requirements. The structure of plastic parts can determine the complexity of injection mold structure, and the technical enterprise requirements of plastic parts (dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc.) determine the difficulty of injection mold manufacturing and molding process. Therefore, for students who do not meet the special educational requirements of plastic injection molding, unreasonable structure and shape, we should clearly put forward the work plan of […]