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How to reduce the dimensional tolerance of plastic mould factory?

With the increasing requirements of customers, the products are more and more complex, the mold tolerance accuracy requirements are higher and higher, so how should the plastic mold factory reduce the mold dimensional tolerance?
What factors affect the machining accuracy of die and mold? 1. Dimensional accuracy 2. Shape accuracy 3. Position accuracy 4. Machining equipment accuracy 5. Processing technology of technicians
Aircraft interior parts mold
So what should the plastic mold factory do to reduce the dimensional tolerance?
In order to reduce […]

What information need to be confirmed before the mold is put on the machine?

1. The outer diameter of the positioning ring is in line with the positioning hole of the machine.
2. The maximum opening distance: when the mold is fully opened, the opening distance should be less than the maximum opening distance of the machine. If the opening distance of the mold is greater than the distance of the machine, the shorter outer pull rod can be replaced. However, the shorter outer pull rod of some products can not guarantee the smooth […]

What are the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing and processing?

With the rapid development of the plastic industry, plastic products are widely used in various fields. As the best tool for mass production of plastic products, plastic mold is gradually known by the public. So what are the characteristics of plastic mold manufacturing?
Mingyang Yutong injection mold manufacturing
(1) Plastic mold processing accuracy requirements are high: plastic mold is generally composed of female mold, punch and mold base, complex mold may also be multi piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of […]

How to improve the design level of plastic mold engineers

Plastic mold engineering plays a decisive role in the whole mold manufacturing, is the soul of the leading mold quality, so how to improve the mold design level in daily work? In order to improve the level of mold design, we should do the following:
1. Understand the details of each set of mold design, and understand the purpose of each part in the mold.
2. In the design, we should refer to the previous similar design, understand its situation in […]

How to reduce injection time

In this increasingly competitive market environment, improving production efficiency is an important factor that can help us occupy a favorable position in the competition. Get more done in less time. This is the key to improving efficiency. In this paper, several ways to improve the injection cycle of the injection mold by using the existing or newly designed injection molding machine or mold are described.
Generally speaking, the injection cycle of an oil pressure driven injection molding machine is from […]

The importance of DFM in the processing of injection mold

DFM means that product design needs to meet the requirements of product manufacturing. Starting from improving the manufacturability of parts, it makes parts and various processes easy to manufacture, with low manufacturing cost, high efficiency and low cost proportion. So what are the advantages of DFM before injection mold processing?
1. Reduce production cost
2. High quality
3. Faster mass production time
4. Reduce equipment cost
5. Greater automation potential
6. Speed up production
7. Reduce engineering changes
8. Lower material and labor costs
9. Shorten product development […]

Plastic mould should have strict tolerance requirements

In the manufacturing process of plastic mould, when engineers determine the tolerance standard of plastic mould, they must have strict operation standard, design plastic mould according to plastic products, analyze its specific application field, collect relevant data about plastic in advance, production operation skills and mould precautions, as well as the requirements for different plastic mould manufacturing, relevant plastic mould The inspection organization shall establish strict inspection standards, which shall be calibrated by relevant technical personnel. Before manufacturing, the […]

Do you know the long-term benefits of plastic injection molding?

Although plastic injection molding is not a new manufacturing process, there is no doubt that it has brought us great changes in long-term interests. In fact, what benefits can plastic manufacturing technology bring to us?
1.Save manufacturing cost
Plastic products can be produced in large quantities or even at cheaper prices. Because now injection molding can be automated by machines and robots. The labor cost has been greatly reduced, thus reducing the production cost, so as to provide customers with more […]

Huizhou small batch injection molding manufacturers choose JasonMould

With the continuous shortening of product renewal cycle, the number of plastic parts produced in small batch is increasing. In addition, when testing products, small batch production of plastic parts is also needed. In order to meet the needs of small batch production, a variety of injection mold for small batch production came into being.
In order to meet the market demand, Shenzhen Mingyang Yutong, as a 15 year injection mold manufacturer, established the injection molding department at the beginning […]

What are the specific functions of inserts in the processing of injection mold

In the process of injection mold, the application of mold insert is very extensive. It can be seen not only in the front mold and the back mold, but also in the slider and the inclined roof. So what kind of role does the insert play in the processing of injection mold?
1. Facilitate the processing and maintenance of injection mold
The manufacturing process of injection mold is very complex. In the process of processing, some parts with complex structure and […]