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Do you know the characteristics of mold processing

Mold processing industry is developing rapidly. Now many things are made of mold processing. This article takes you to understand its characteristics.
1. The technical accuracy of mold processing can be high. The mold is generally composed of female mold, male mold and mold base system, and some may also be multi piece assembly design modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination between module functions all require high machining […]

The effect of injection molding is very satisfactory

1. High efficiency
Injection molding technology is very convenient and fast, and can realize mass production. Why? Because injection molding is to add some materials to the barrel for heating, inject the materials into the mold cavity after melting, and then wait for cooling. After cooling, the details will be the finished product, so the efficiency of injection molding is still very high.
2. High strength
Glass fiber additives are used in plastic materials. These highly engineered composite plastics have strong durability […]

Why auxiliary equipment is used in mold processing

Injection mold processing needs various process requirements. In addition to the specified host, it also needs a large number of auxiliary equipment to help complete each processing process. The automation, rationalization and perfection of auxiliary equipment determine the viability of products and enterprises to a certain extent, so auxiliary equipment plays an important role in production.
According to the function, it can be divided into three categories: feeding system equipment, corner waste recycling and temperature control system device. It also […]

The quality of the finished mold can be seen during processing

1. High requirements for mold processing accuracy: a finished mold is composed of many parts, and some molds are formed through complex splicing, so the processing accuracy of each splicing part needs to be emphasized in the mold processing process, otherwise the upper and lower molds and cavities cannot be combined.
2. The mold contour is complex: the surface shape of some products, such as automobile panels, aircraft parts, toys and household appliances, forms a combination of multiple curved surfaces. […]

There will be no problems in the process of injection molding as long as you pay a little attention

Injection mold needs to pay attention to many problems in the production process in order to produce qualified products.
1. In injection mold processing, due to the different shrinkage coefficients of various materials, the mold must have a reasonable shrinkage rate.
2. The injection mold should have enough rigidity during processing, otherwise it will deform and cause “flash” during mold closing and pressure maintaining.
3. The cooling (water passage) in the processing of injection mold is related to product quality, size, shape, […]

How to check and accept the injection mold

In order to ensure that the injection molding mold can meet the standard, it is necessary to consider the application regulations and design scheme, and ensure its service life. When it is normally completed and put into operation, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the mold specification from the aspects of product quality, mold structure and injection molding process regulations. On the other hand, the transformation of household appliances has also driven the in-depth development of household […]

Pay attention to speed and time when machining the mold

On the die steel with the same surface roughness, the machining speed generated by relative electric pulse during electrode loss is an important factor index to measure the performance of electric pulse machining and machine tool technology products. Generally, in this case, the manufacturer will provide its own processing current to ensure that we can effectively realize the processing speed when the mold is in the processing state. However, in the actual processing design process of life, the processing […]

These work of injection mold should also be done in place

Injection mold is a more important work for various mold manufacturers, and can be used in many industries. However, it is not just that there is nothing after injection molding. It is also necessary to maintain the mold at ordinary times. What we bring today is how to maintain the mold.
Firstly, the injection mold manufacturer shall provide an information card for each sub mold to record its use, maintenance and damage in detail, including cleaning, lubrication and rust prevention, […]

Mold processing equipment must be carefully checked before use

1、 Before the mold processing equipment starts to work, we should check whether there are problems in each part, whether the clutch and braking equipment are normal, and whether there is lubricating oil in the gear part. After the inspection, turn on and run the machine tool for about 3 minutes. If there is no abnormality, it can be put into use.
2、 When all workers enter the work area, they should check their clothes to see if they meet […]

How is the crack of injection molded products caused

(1) In the process of processing, the pressure is too high, the speed is fast, the filling is more, and the pressure holding time is too long, resulting in large internal pressure, resulting in cracks in the die.
(2) adjust the mold opening speed and pressure during injection process to avoid the failure caused by strong drawing.
(3) Appropriately increase the mold design temperature to make the parts easy to realize demoulding, and appropriately reduce the material temperature to prevent decomposition.
(4) […]