What should we do to make molds better

I believe that everyone should know something about the injection mold. The main content of this article is the polishing of the injection mold, why it should be polished, and what should be paid attention to in polishing.

There are two main purposes for polishing injection molds; One is to make the surface of the product produced by the mold smooth, beautiful and beautiful by increasing the mold finish; the other is that we can improve the mold to easily lead to demoulding, so that the plastic will not be stuck to the mold and will not come off

Precautions for polishing of injection mold are as follows:

1. When machining a new cavity, first check the surface of the workpiece, and clean the surface with kerosene to make the surface of the oilstone free from dirt and lose the cutting function.

2. The coarse grain shall be grinded in the order of difficult to grind first and easy to grind, especially for some dead corners that are difficult to grind, the deeper or the bottom shall be grinded first,

3. Some workpieces may need to be polished in groups. First, study the coarse crystal or spark pattern of a single workpiece, and then put all workpieces together for polishing.

4. For large plane or side plane workpieces, use an oilstone to study rough patterns, and then use a straight steel plate for optical transmission test to check whether there are uneven or reverse buckles. If there are reverse buckles, it will lead to production difficulties or parts pulling.

5. In order to prevent the injection mold design workpiece from developing undercuts or other problems, the bonding surface can be pasted with a saw blade or sandpaper on the edge, so as to obtain an ideal protective effect.

6. Pull the grinding die plane back and forth, and pull the handle of the oilstone as flat as possible, no more than 25 °; Because the slope is too large, the force will impact from top to bottom, which is easy to cause many thick lines on the workpiece.

7. If the flat surface of a workpiece is polished with copper or bamboo pieces pressed with sandpaper, the sandpaper should not affect the area used by other tools, otherwise it will be ground to the place where it should not be.

8. The shape of the grinding tool should be close to the mold surface to ensure that the workpiece is not deformed.

The above points have been completed, and the polished injection mold will look good.


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