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Why plastic parts have deformation when processing

In order to ensure the normal processing of plastic parts, operators need to understand the cause of the abnormal appearance in this process, the better to avoid the abnormal appearance during processing. Below, JasonMould share you the causes of deformation in processing:

During the process of molding, the surplus material is spilled into the gap between the mold and the mold surface and retained on the plastic part. A kind of linear trace on the surface of plastic parts, is […]

Bubbles of common problems in injection molding

According to the causes of bubbles, the solutions are as follows:
1) When the wall thickness of the product is large, the cooling speed of the outer surface is faster than that of the center part. Therefore, with the cooling process, the resin in the center part shrinks and expands to the surface, resulting in insufficient filling in the center part. This is called a vacuum bubble. The solutions are as follows:
a) According to the wall thickness, determine the reasonable […]

How to solve the surface sag in 2K mold

The basic reason for surface sag: from the perspective of plastics, when the plastic cools and shrink, insufficient filling will lead to product surface sag or internal cavity.
The causes and solutions of defects are different depending on the location of sag.

When the sag occurs at the final cooling position of the thick-walled product, or at a distance from the sprue:

Cause analysis: The typical thick wall and the surface sag or hole far from the sprue are usually due to […]

Discoloration of common problems in plastic injection molding

Discoloration refers to the inconsistency between the surface color of the formed parts and the required color. Discoloration may be caused by a variety of reasons, including injection molding machine, plastic mold, injection process and raw materials.
(1) Injection molding machine
① The equipment is not clean and needs cleaning. Dust or powder deposited in the barrel contaminates and discolors the material;
② Temperature control failure caused by temperature controller or heating system failure;
③ There are obstacles in the barrel, which lead […]

Causes and solutions for swelling and bubbling of injection molding parts

Some plastic parts after demoulding, have swelling or bubbling on the back of metal insert or in the extra thick parts. This is due to the expansion of the released gas under the action of internal pressure on the plastic which has not been completely cooled and hardened. JasonMould works with you for details.

Effective cooling. Reduce mold temperature, prolong tooling time, reduce drying and processing temperature.


Reduce the filling speed, reduce the forming cycle and reduce the flow resistance.


Increase the […]

Why is it so expensive to open a set of plastic mould?

“Why is the cost of mold opening so expensive” is probably the voice of most customers! But in the eyes of Xiaobian, there is a trace to follow when opening a set of plastic mold.
1) Plastic mold belongs to customized products, not ordinary standard parts.
2) The difficulty degree of product structure determines the difficulty degree of mold processing. The more complex the mold processing, the more manpower and material resources it takes.
3) The cost of mold steel used in […]

Lettering on the surface of injection mold

We often see all kinds of patterns and Numbers on plastic pieces, and these Numbers are different. How to carve these Numbers and patterns on these molds, we have these kinds of common methods.
The first is directly through the engraving machine engraved on the mold. This is usually used when the font or pattern is large. Usually the resulting font has a knife cut on the surface and needs to be polished.
In the normal small – and medium-sized mold, […]

Cracking of common problems in injection molding

Cracking is a common defect of plastic products, which is mainly caused by stress and deformation. It mainly includes residual stress, external stress and stress deformation caused by external environment.
(I) cracking caused by residual stress
The residual stress is mainly caused by the following three conditions, i.e. overfilling, demoulding and pushing out and metal inlay. As the cracks produced in the case of excess filling, the solution can be mainly in the following aspects:
(1) since the pressure loss of the […]

What information should be provided to the manufacturer for the injection molding process?

Many customers need injection molding after a product is newly designed. When a new product needs tool making, what information should the customer provide to the manufacturer?
JasonMould shares you a general idea of what is required for tool making and injection molding.

3D CAD file of product.
Bill of material ( including materials required for products and surface finishing requirements etc.)
Batch quantity.

With the above information then we can offer you an accurate price.
About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

Jasonmould is a China mold maker of plastic […]

Common problems in injection molding insufficient filling

The main reasons for insufficient filling are as follows:
1) insufficient resin capacity.
2) insufficient pressure in the cavity.
3) resin fluidity is insufficient.
4) poor exhaust effect.
As an improvement measure, we can start from the following aspects:
1) lengthen the injection time to prevent the resin countercurrent before the gate solidification due to the short molding cycle, which makes it difficult to fill the mold cavity.
2) improve the injection speed.
3) increase the mold temperature.
4) increase the resin temperature.
5) increase injection pressure.
6) enlarge gate […]