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Why is it so expensive to open a set of plastic molds?

“Why is the cost so expensive” this is probably the majority of customers aspirations! But in my opinion, open a set of plastic mold is expensive to follow.
1) plastic mold belongs to customized products, rather than ordinary standard parts.
2) the difficulty of product structure determines the difficulty of mold processing. The more complex the mold processing, the more manpower and material resources spent.
3) the cost of the mold steel used in the plastic mold is also an important factor […]

How to avoid the damage in the processing of plastic mould

For some mold manufacturing process is not perfect or not professional plastic mold manufacturers make plastic mold manufacturing process will appear some mold damage. So how can we avoid these injuries?
Mingyang Yutong plastic mould factory
1. Design rationality of plastic mold structure
In case of meeting the use requirements of plastic mould, the structure shall be as simple as possible to facilitate molding. The wall thickness shall be as uniform as possible to avoid stress and deformation of plastic parts.
2. The […]

What is the function of plastic material and glass fiber in injection molding?

Thermoplastics do have natural mechanical properties, which can give strength, durability, impact resistance and other benefits to plastic molded parts. Adding glass fiber to plastics can further enhance the performance of the resin.
One of the problems that may occur in injection molding of materials with glass fiber is that the brittleness of the parts is increased due to the significant improvement of the strength and rigidity of the parts.
However, if the glass filled plastic parts do not need to […]

What is the most important factor in choosing injection mold?

Today we are talking about the old saying, “is the price of injection mold closely related to the quality?” Most people in the purchase of injection mold, the price factor is very important, even the only factor to consider, of course, appropriate cost control is beyond reproach, but in addition to the price should also pay attention to other factors, otherwise the final choice of products may not be very suitable for themselves.
The choice of injection mold depends on […]

Application of injection molding in plastic gear

With the development of plastic industry, plastic products are more and more widely used in all walks of life with its unique advantages. At the same time, the important position and role of plastic mold injection molding in production and manufacturing are gradually recognized by more and more people.
Gear, a special mechanical part, is gradually replaced by plastic. Compared with traditional metal gear, plastic gear has the following advantages:
① Plastic gear is lighter than metal gear, which can reduce […]

How to determine the feeding way of the rubber inlet of the plastic mold

The injection way of plastic injection mold mainly includes point injection, diving injection, needle valve injection and direct injection. A reliable manufacturer will be based on the cost of plastic mold. The mold cost will vary greatly with different rubber inlet. The cost of hot runner rubber inlet and spot rubber inlet is higher than that of ordinary diving and direct rubber inlet. We should ensure the quality of plastic mold and the requirements of plastic products, at the […]

Understand the long-term benefits of plastic injection molding

The rapid production of plastic parts is possible with the development of many technologies. Among them, plastic injection molding is recognized by most people. This technology has many advantages, although it has some limitations. Now, we will study the benefits of this plastic manufacturing technology:
Reduce manufacturing costs
Plastic products can be produced in large quantities or even at cheaper prices. Because now production is automated. Labor costs have fallen dramatically, reducing production costs and providing customers with cheaper products in […]

How to make high quality injection parts

Although in the plastic injection mold technology, to produce high gloss, high aesthetic requirements, not subject to the stress generated in the molding process, with high stability of parts, as well as reliable filling of thin-walled materials, are facing great challenges. However, hot / cold forming is being rapidly accepted in automotive interiors and many other consumer applications requiring high surface aesthetics. Let’s take a look at the production process plan of high-quality injection parts with high gloss;
Change of […]

Discoloration of common problems in plastic injection molding

Discoloration refers to the inconsistency between the surface color of the formed parts and the required color. Discoloration may be caused by a variety of reasons, including injection molding machine, plastic mold, injection process and raw materials.
(1) Injection molding machine
① The equipment is not clean and needs cleaning. Dust or powder deposited in the barrel contaminates and discolors the material;
② Temperature control failure caused by temperature controller or heating system failure;
③ There are obstacles in the barrel, which lead […]

What are the specific functions of inserts in the processing of injection mold

In the process of injection mold, the application of mold insert is very extensive. It can be seen not only in the front mold and the back mold, but also in the slider and the inclined roof. So what kind of role does the insert play in the processing of injection mold?
1. Facilitate the processing and maintenance of injection mold
The manufacturing process of injection mold is very complex. In the process of processing, some parts with complex structure and […]